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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - TV series (All 4 - Sept 12th)


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This isn’t quite as unsettling as the web shorts, but it’s still very watchable. It’s funnier than the original episodes though - I properly laughed at



“Wait, HE’S the father?!”

in the Family episode. 

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This has really stuck in my head for some reason.



Been saying "Noooooo Hovris, that is my bottle water" round the house.

His dog is dehydrated and he tells him he should have brought his own water.
I only realised on second viewing that his picnic hamper is chock full of water bottles!


The gum disease bit really reminds of that horrible toothpaste advert where they zoom in on some CGI pricks gums and it turns out they're made of all horrific wavy pink worm things.
Grolton and Hovris spin off could be great.


I thought this wasn't as good as the shorts first time round, but it really rewards an extra watch. Some of the songs aren't instant bangers like in the shorts, but they are growers, and the episodes I wasn't keen on first time round have become my favourites.


Yeah, this was fucking amazing. Hope they do another series.

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Having watched the web episodes more time than I can remember (time?!), finally popped the series on… and barely managed to finish the first episode. Maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind but it just didn’t grab me in the way the YouTube vids did.


Glad the majority love it though, the (non-green) creativity of the sets and puppets is great, and lovely to see them given a chance on a mainstream channel. And at least I’ll always have the web eps to cheer me up when needed.

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I've had the shredder bit stuck in my head for the last few days (it hurts). I don't mind though, its amazing.


I watched the web series again and it has more dread and icky stuff, it also gets very random and weird, even more so than the TV show by the end. I'm amazed they managed to make something longer and more coherant from this, and yeah the writers they brought on definitely seem to have helped in that regard. As the creators said, you can't just have a 25 minute musical number for each episode so you need other stuff to actually do that fits the tone. The TV show also has a lot more funnies, its witty and clever, and they've managed to flesh out the barebones characters of the trio into something more concrete. I'd say the web series has more of a visceral impact but the TV show is good in its own way and its really entertaining. 

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