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Highly rated games that dated dreadfully


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19 hours ago, Gabe said:

I replayed the first two games last year and I think they still hold up. Like you, the second game got me into tactical RPGs (I didn't play the first game some years later via emulation). As I said in my comments in the 'What games did you complete thread', there's a beauty in their simplicity and I'm grateful they don't have all the talking and social stuff of something like Fire Emblem, which just pads things out. Mechanically I appreciate that your options are fairly simple, too, but there's something about nurturing your troops and watching someone turn into an absolute demon as they level up.


Edit: Ha, having read the rest of the comments I see that I've aped @Let us measure's comments. Great minds, huh?

Yeah, I agree. Adding more and more stuff on top of rock solid fundamentals isn't "better". It's just "more". Shining Force is a fantastic game, and "less futzing about in menus" is a positive, not a negative.

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3 hours ago, Captain Kelsten said:




Sonia Blade MK9 - MK 11...that is quite progressive, for a games developer. :lol:


And here's Jade...



Milena in MK9





Spoilered in case anyone is looking over your shoulder. It's NSFW -ish.


Then in MK11



You can see why the arseholes had a collective bunching if their panties.

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On 18/09/2022 at 06:31, Unofficial Who said:

I was going to write a long screed about how shit this thread was but then I got the opportunity to play this since it was released on Switch.




Desperately wanted to play Earthworm Jim back in 1994 (I might have even bought the Win 95 port later but it was awful to play with keys.)


It looks incredibly good. Sound wise what would have been amusing to me in my early 20's is a collection of music and sound effects that just grate on my aged ears. But this doesn't play near as well as less pretty SNES and Megadrive games because it's really hard to parse which parts of the level are level and which are just background. It's also a run and gun where you can't run AND gun. 


Highly rated everywhere back in 1994 but hasn't aged near as well as some of its contemporaries.


Once again though, it was never playable at the time! And it became my favourite game for a period (I put it in my top 20 games lists on here), its darkly styled look was like nothing else as was its surreal visual humour and stunning visual effects. 


That was why I was transfixed by it. As a game to play...not really. It was unforgivingly hard. 

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I'm going to say Batman, The Caped Crusader. 

I know most games from this era have dated pretty badly, but there's still a hell of a lot to like about this one. It still looks pretty good, I love the stylised visuals and use of comic book style panels. The game design is still pretty good for the most part - the 'use the right item in the right place' formula is still pretty fun. The biggest downsides are the controls (it's too awkward to do a low kick) and the constant spamming of annoying baddies. Your energy just gets drained constantly and once you die, you're right back at the beginning. 

If they rebalanced the fighting and added some checkpoints, this would be amazing. 

Perhaps the game would be too short then, but I think it would still be a good time. 

I wish this had been ported to the NES or the Megadrive, because I think those control issues at least, would have been fixed. 



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5 hours ago, pinholestar said:

Wasn’t Turok 2 one of, if not the, first games to use the N64 RAM expansion ‘pak’? Can see that swaying some review scores because they were high on the fumes of misplaced hype.


Yep, but sharper graphics couldn't disguise dull gameplay.

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On 19/09/2022 at 15:14, BadgerFarmer said:

To be fair, they don't really belong in an 'aged dreadfully' thread. They've just aged and been superseded, and, well, who among us hasn't?

Me. I’m like Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon 3, but unlike him my hair is both party in the front and party in the back and I don’t live in a caravan

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