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Trombone Champ (yes, it's exactly what you think)


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29 minutes ago, bradigor said:



What controller drop e are you using? My son got this and we are playing on the deck, but up is down and down is up. It's messing with our heads. 


Tried gyro but bit too sensitive and my deck gradually ends up finishing at an angle :lol:


Also, it has good chunky visuals so decent for me to see. 







You can change that setting in the options.

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12 hours ago, bradigor said:


The sensitivity or the up/down?


You can definitely invert the slide in-game via the options, I know that. That's what I did for the gyro controls (and for trackpad as well).


There's probably a slider for sensitivity too, but if there wasn't I'd just dip into Steam Input anyway.

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I found it pretty unplayable until I un-inverted the controls. 


I can see what they're going for by making the default the way it is (broadly speaking, on a trombone you get lower-pitched notes by extending the slide - therefore you push it away from you to go lower and pull it towards you to go higher) but to me it doesn't translate intuitively to the visual Y axis on the screen. 

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