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Zombicide (and all variants thereof)

Captain Kelsten

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For someone who is new to board gaming (and by new I mean I buy a couple every few years and they sit on my shelf unplayed because I'm a sad loner with no friends), the big mega topics in this forum can be a double edged sword - helpful if you can trawl through pages and pages of stuff to find the one thing you're looking for but also quite daunting and confusing if you can't.


So, down with megathreads! Up with individual threads that will wither on the vine!


Anyway, Zombicide, right? Mad popular, loads of versions.


This week I bought Zombicide 2nd Edition. It was delivered. I opened it, marvelled at all the little bits and bobs and miniatures. Enjoyed that new board game smell (it's got to be up there with newborn babies, fresh bread, a new book and peanut butter). Then I put the lid back on. Giggled at the fart noise it made because I'm a child trapped in a 40 year old man's body. Put it on the shelf next to Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition to keep that one company. Maybe the minis can get together and talk about how they're never played with and only half painted.




I also quite fancied Black Plague because I like fantasy stuff, but after hearing they're basically the same game just transplanted into different settings, I wasn't so sure about double dipping until I know I like the core game. There's also a load of expansions and extra bits that cost additional little fortunes and I worry without them you're only getting a watered down experience.




I'm looking forward to giving Zombicide a go. By which I mean I probably won't ever actually play it.


Still, I like the artwork! 


Who else plays Zombicide? What do you think? What's your favourite version? 

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I jumped in at black plauge/green horde - and its the only version I have played so far. Each iteration improves the formula and I hear your second edition has quite a few great tweeks over black plauge (esp with how noise is handled). 


zombicide looks like it's a scamble for survival but after a few games you realise it's a pure cooperative game a bit like pandemic, figuring out what abilitys you have and how they work with others to achieve the goal.


Ive not played it for a while so might dig it out soon. The official website has loads of extra missions - well worth printing them out. 



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I'm a bit of a zombie movie fan so I have quite a few of these and I have played them! (a bit), I don't have 2nd edition yet as the outlay is quite high for a couple of rule tweaks (welcome ones but nontheless!) - one tweak is the "friendly fire" rule which never made sense to me. If you shoot into a square with a survivor and zombies you will hit the survivor in 1st edition - 2nd edition changes it so you only hit the survivor if you miss the zombie. They said in 1st edition that it represented a survivor panicking and shooting wildly and hitting friendlies but that never sat right with me. The other big change is that when you first open a building every single room spawns a zombie card in 1st edition, in 2nd edition it is only certtain earmarked squares/rooms. I am not sure why this tweak was needed as part of the fun of 1st edition is opening a door and thinking "oh shit!" as the zombies all appear :D


I have all the original base sets which covers all the vanilla stuff which is what I prefer, classic zombie survival stuff in modern day - I am a purist so didn't fancy the black Plague or Zombie invader stuff.


For me the attraction of the game is it captures the hopelessness and dystopia of the zombie film genre as the numbers of dead rack up. As you start there are 1 or two zombies spawning each round but as your characters explore and kill zombies the spawning ramps up and soon the board is swamped with a horde and you are trying to fight your way to objectives. When end game hits the board is usually awash with the undead and its a real fight (if you play as badly as I do :D )


So I have



Prison Outbreak (introduces zombivors, a rule I am not keen on - when a survivor dies they get a 2nd go as a zombie survivor who is still on the "good" side)

Rue Morgue (Adds skinner zombies and crawlers - sometimes killing a zombie just cuts it in half and you get a crawler)

*Toxic City Mall (the toxic zombies add something) - this is an expansion pack to add to standalone game the above three are all standalone.


The sets are mix and match and if you tire of the scenarios in the box there are a ton more online here




I played with my son a bit (and solo) - we did the Xmas one from that link above for fun. My son and I also designed an "ultimate" scenario which was crazy, it combined the Rue Morgue and Prions Outbreak sets to give a 16 board scenario with a hospital and prison side by side - I can't recall the plot but it was way too big to play but fun doing.


Addendum for zombie movie fans - I also have Zombicide - Night of the Living Dead edition. This is a similar game but with a different vibe, more lowkey as you are in the classic farmhouse trying to board up windows as the undead try to get in. Then you are driving the truck to the petrol pump to gas it up. it is a loving recreation and also includes new game mechanics like having the truck move from mini scene to mini scene board as it travels. It starts with the survivors only having 1 rifle and basic melee weapons from the film but as it ramps up you find bigger weapons and your survivors switch to Zombiecide mode (and back to Romero mode as well if certain things happen). Family members can come back to haunt and rattle you as well :)


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