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Retro game prices on ebay


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On 04/10/2022 at 00:05, yakumo said:

Anyone think there be a crash coming soon?.

If theory, there should be, as with all unnecessary collectibles and entertainment options. After all, if this cost of living crisis is really going to be so apocalyptic and push people in tightening their belts and cutting out luxuries, then it stands to reason that stuff cannot keep selling for such high prices with less buyers in the market.


It would be a great time to buy stuff if you can spare the money.


But I'm no financial expert so who knows what will happen.

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1 hour ago, dvdx2 said:

Bargain. I'll take 2. 


He's got loads of pricey "rare" stuff for sale, I wonder how that happens. The Zelda ad makes me think he's not a collector, it's written in the sense that it's not his personal collection but that he's bought/acquired this and is just selling it on.

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On 25/09/2022 at 17:05, dvdx2 said:

I sold most of my retro stuff about 10years ago, but recently I have been trying to build up a small collection of Japanese retro games for some of the older systems. Have to say the prices are making it pretty difficult. 

here’s what I mean




do you think this bubble will burst, or it’s the new norm?


Just wanted to highlight @dvdx2 that there’s a Elemental Master on eBay for £48, no bids and only a few hours left. Might be a good chance for you to to grab this game.



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