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MÖRK BORG, a doom metal TTRPG (+ CY BORG)


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Released in 2020, I imagine anyone who keeps tabs on TTRPG's has heard of this. I bought the book last year but only just started running a few sessions (and got my Kickstarter copy of CY BORG this week).


Initially it can look a bit style over substance, being very rules light, but I find the style really helps cement the world in your brain, making it much easier to fill in the gaps when you actually run it. It definitely helped running something crunchier like D&D first, as i'm not sure how i'd really approach this if i'd never played another TTRPG first. It uses a D20 system so should be familiar to anyone who has played D&D.


It's brilliant fun - the random tables, whether it be character creation or whatever are just full of great stuff and if you play it with a real gallows humour it can really shine, especially with a group that are into horror comedy. I'm not sure you'd get a long campaign out of it, character development (from a mechanical perspective) is minimal so it feels more suited to short campaigns and characters are very squishy. 


CY BORG adds some new mechanics, and a completely different setting (although the world as you know it is still ending). It's going to take a bit of work to take it all in I think, but it's a stunning book to just flick through so no problem with that....

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And for anyone who wants to get an insight into the atmosphere of MÖRK BORG, the following track is a reading of the intro by the Darkest Dungeon narrator with some delightful metal drone. It's a quick whirlwind tour of the dying world.


... but just to add to what @phresh has said above, both of these games are superb, and very much built around the OSR philosophy where the adventure more directly challenges the players rather than the characters - if that makes sense. Like, you can't make a search roll to find secrets in a room - it's entirely down to the players to say "I check the vase" or "I'll start pressing bricks on the north wall". The only time you actually pick up the dice is when chance might possibly come into it - guards hearing you talk from another room and the like. Other than that, narrative and player direction reigns supreme.


Just check out this "helper".




So. Fucking. Good.

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I forgot that you can download a free edition of Mork Borg that includes only the text and none of the design or images here - https://morkborg.com/content/ (the bare bones edition). It gives you an idea of the rules if nothing else.


It really thrives on the random tables, the game i'm running at the moment i'm sort of doing as a spiral campaign but with a lot of elements randomly generated. 



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