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Why is no one talking about this fantastic game?!


It's just released on gamepass and I had an amazing time last weekend playing couch-vs with my kids and my brother. It has a real Towerfall vibe about it where you're leaping around an arena picking up various weapons (light sabres! Rocket launchers! Shotguns!) trying to take each other out. 


It's a little tricky at first, but once you get a feel for the controls it just clicks. And when it does it's amazing. Within 20 minutes you'll be pulling off some pure Jon Wick moves (as a spider!). An example being I was being chased weaponless around area by my brother who had a light sabre. I managed to grab a shotgun midair, turnaround and blast him in the face to cheers and laughter all round. These moments happen all the time.


It's on gamepass. Try it (especially if you liked Towerfall).

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I downloaded this for the kids at the weekend. We haven't made it past the menu screen! 


(For those not in the know, the menu is playable and pretty much lets you run around and pick up weapons to fire against other players. On that basis, it's pretty fun.)

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