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Netflix Games Thread - Desta out now (monument valley devs), Terra Nil soon, into the breach, oxenfree...


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Netflix games


How to get access (no indication that it is still in trial phase or beta):




Alternatively, search for netflix on the play store, click on netflix inc. link at the top and all the games are shown.


Desta has just been release, an exclusive for now:



By the Monument Valley devs and from the first hour or so of play, I really like it, definitely worth a download if you have netflix. It is proper game, in the sense that it has a full story, proper complex mechanics and isn't a typical mobile 'whale chaser'.


Also coming soon is a game that I am really loolking forward too, Terra Nil:



Poinpy (by the downwell devs) is ok as a short burst time waster:



They also have into the breach and oxenfree amoung a few others that look ok, but the majority are shovelware mobile crap.


Netflix claim over 25 games currently available but most of them are shovelware at best although I haven't played all of them.


I'll keep this thread updated with significant new releases and announcements. If you have a netflix subscription then why not give them a go.



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57 minutes ago, Hitcher said:

Netflix Games is what got me giving Into The Breach a second chance after bouncing off it originally. It's prefect on a mobile device.


I completely agree, I really boundced off it first time round but enjoy it on mobile. Some games are just better played in inregular 10 minute chunks and mobile gaming is obviously better suited to that format. Desta has a lot of gameplay similarities, allbeit a very different context.

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On 01/10/2022 at 09:35, Popo said:

I’m not one to go for 10-minute time waster games normally, but Poinpy is very fun. I’m going to play it now.

I deleted Poinpy after ten minutes, it just doesn’t work very well imho.

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Also Country Friends, which doesn't appear to have a trailer yet.


Some of games are just existing mobile games with the IAP removed (like Flutter Butterflies which was flutter: butterfly sanctuary pre netflix) or clones of existing big mobile 'whale' games.


The choices are interesting because they are actually getting games out a decent rate and they are technically decent as far as I can tell, but many are free-to-play games with the 'wait 4 hours to unlock this, or buy it now' mechanics, but with the final 'buy here' bit removed. So they include mechanics that we designed to nudge people to spend real money, but they can't. The 'money' is provided through other means. I can imagine the devs are massively confused by it all.

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