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So who creates the games at Sony?


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.::: Which internal dev-teams do they have? Worldwide for that matter although I'm primarily interested in the Japanese teams. So far the only thing I can come up with is ICO Team (not even sure if that's their official name) and Sugar & Rockets.

I wonder, because Flipnic bears some similarity towards Fantavision while both come from SCEI, which can mean anything really...


So far so good;

SCE Europe

- London Studios (EyeToy)

- SCEE Cambridge (Primal)

- Team Soho (The Getaway)

SCE Japan

- ARC Entertainment (Arc the Lad)

- DeepSpace (Extermination)

- ICO Team (real name?, ICO)

- Nana-On Sha (2nd party?, Parappa the Rapper)

- Polyphony Digital (2nd party?, Gran Turismo)

- Sugar & Rockets (Kurushi/Intelligent Qube)

SCE America

- 989 Studios (still existing?, Syphon Filter)

- Foster City Studios (Rise to Honor)

- Ingoc, Inc. (Twisted Metal)

- Zipper Interactive (2nd party?, SOCOM)

Feel free to give additions or point out errors.

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Sony Cambridge: Medievil series, Primal, Ghosthunter

Sony London: Eyetoy, Getaway, This Is Football, Hardware, etc

Sony US: Syphon Filter, Mark of Kri, NFL Gameday

Sony Japan: Ico, Ape Escape

And lots more I'm sure. Those are off the top of my head...

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I could swear Level-5 was in-house (now I can not swear any more because Level-5 is doing Xbox games).

Let's not forget DeepSpace, the Extermination team.

.::: I though the same thing. Just like Media.Vision (Wild ARMs and Contrail (Alundra). But they've been generating content for other platforms as well...

And myabe DeepSpace did Ape Escape?

Why can't every company have a Sega-like structure? :)

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