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Silent Hill 2 (PS5, PC)


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No Silent Hill<<<<<>>>>>>waaaaaaay too much Silent Hill. 🤣

May as well have announced a Silent Hill kart racer and Silent Hill Sports franchise. whilst they were at it. 


Nothing like chucking all your eggs into one basket and doubling/tripling/quadrupling down on crazy amounts of Silent Hill. That much Silent Hill that the words Silent Hill now don’t make any sense. Silent Hill. Seriously, have they lost the fucking plot or what? Silent Hill 2 Remake. Silent Hill the Other One that’s not the Silent Hill Remake. Silent Hill Ascension. Silent Hill Feudal Japan. Silent Hill Return to the Movie. Silent Hill the Merchandise of the Remake of the Game of the film of the Game. More Silent Hill still tba........will keep you posted if we come up with anymore Silent Hill ideas that can generate cash flow. Fucking hell! All of the Silent Hill. Maximum Silent Hill!!! 


Remake looks ok but nowhere near as good as the original. Sounds like they may have finally seen sense and done what they should have done in the first place and made the film based on Silent Hill 2. No doubt they’ll still manage to fuck that up. Oh, also, it’s Pyramid Head. 👍🏻

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MansizeRooster changed the title to Silent Hill 2 (PS5)

and PC


Obviously you can't tell that much from this sort of trailer. But I am a little bit concerned, it's one of those trailers like the ones you get for long running movie/comic franchises. Where they make a massive meal out of absolutely everything rather than letting things speak for themselves. Where there's big pauses everywhere and dramatic musical cues so you can treat everything with a sort of religious reverence. You know? Where they're like "This is silent hill 2! Remember James from silent hill 2?! IT's him! THIS IS HIM! This is the very part where he pulls down on that noose! Just like in Silent Hill 2! You LOVE SILENT HILL 2!"

It could just be me though, this could just be what normal trailers are supposed to look like.

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Thought it looked brilliant, especially that 4k trailer rather than the one in the stream. James' model is strangely lit in the bathroom scene but outside of that the whole thing looks incredibly, almost unbelievably detailed for a relatively small developer. Ito and Yamaoka being involved also sway most fears. I'm excited to see more. 





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