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Silent Hill 2 (PS5, PC)


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19 minutes ago, Popo said:

I’m quite tempted to play the Xbox HD update of Silent Hill 2 over Halloween, now that this news has got me all excited. I played it for a bit recently and, forewarned about the visual compromises, I wasn’t offended by how it looked. It’s been a long time since I last played the game, so I’m sure it’s awful by comparison, but ignorance is bliss I suppose. 

Unless this is due any time soon, but as they’ve not put a date on it I can only assume it’s a while away. Next Halloween would be nice, though. 

In the meantime, the original game’s soundtrack is on Spotify. 

I played it a bit back (picked the collection up when it was on sale). It wasn't that bad to be honest... I think in general the game mechanics etc just felt a bit dated that was my main issue - but then it was designed for 20+ year old hardware. I'll probably take a look at the reboot when it makes an appearance on my PC to see if they have updated any of the mechanics to make it feel like a more modern game. I will go into it though treating it as a separate entity to the original SH2.

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Not really a fair comparison visually TBH.I expect the remake will be quite impressive from an audio visual point of view. However think there are subtle ways a remake may alter the way the game tells its story. Eg: In the remake James enters into the toilet block in a rush / guilty of something rather than been drawn back into the town in terms of not knowing why. Also the noose in the prison, the way James looks up and pulls it down etc the remake has a different angle. All these little things make subtle differences and convey different meanings. In SH2 usually it was the unscripted visual details that allowed the story to be told and you develop an idea of what is going on. 


Anyhow.. guess we'll see how they do. Apparently, the remake is not far from finished. Had a quick go on SH2 this afternoon on the PS2 (via emu) and OK visuals withstanding it held up really well .. the audio adds so much to the is game. The long walk down to the town is still as eerie as ever. The swirling fog and the noises from the forest. Fantastic stuff.

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On 25/10/2022 at 18:33, Tomdominer said:

I mean, its a a little weird comparison video, where the original is clearly emulated and upscaled, and has texture filtering etc.

It looks like Alain Wake but with much more lighting effects .. 

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Holy cheeseballs Batman. Anyone worried about Bloober bungling Silent Hill 2 can get down with the enhanced edition, an incredible bit of work, which finally added 60fps support to Silent Hill 2 for the first time in the latest update. 



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1 hour ago, Festoon said:

This website is so brutal it's hard to believe it's real (but it is)




Why does the Silent Hill franchise suffer so?

This seems to be some weird make-to-order art house T-shirt emporium? Although it’s also giving me powerful “Konami gmbh website in 2001” vibes so mission accomplished.

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