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90s TV program recommendations

fat flatulent git

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I'm having a soirée for some chums next month, with a 90s theme.  Nearly all the guests are fellow Brit expats.


Someone with better taste than me is sorting out the music, but I would also like the TVs and other screens in the house to be showing 90s TV shows.


I'm after suggestions for shows which:


are known as shows of the 90s.


have a striking visual quality, so that one can immediately identify the show from more or less any scene.


So far I've come up with:




Beverley Hills 90210




I need about five more.  Any suggestions?


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Just now, milko said:

I was judging it on striking visual quality, not whether you might like it or not! Those are all shows with an immediate look, I think.




Cheers - they all meet that.  My liking them is another essential, but there's no way for posters to know that.  Appreciate your input - Simpsons is a maybe and Crystal Maze is a fuck yes, how did I not think of that.

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