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Sad news from Low Roar today.





Ryan Karazija (1982 - 2022)

Ryan Karazija, front man and driving force behind Low Roar, has died at age 40. His beautiful music and lyrics, sung in his haunting voice have touched the lives of so many people all over the world, and will continue to do so. He was a kind and beautiful soul and our worlds are shattered by the loss of him. May we honour his memory through his art and hold him forever in his songs.

The sixth Low Roar record was already underway and will be completed and released when it is ready.

Please respect his family’s privacy at this incredibly difficult time.

"Sometimes you feel like this is never ending, but we all fade away…”


Music press hasn't gotten wind of this yet but the gaming press is all over it given the high usage of their work in Death Stranding.



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This is such a shame, he was an amazing talent.  I know he did a lot more, but the Death Stranding soundtrack is just an amazing piece of work, and one of my most played albums of the last few years.  The music is one of the reasons I love that game so much, and I look forward to specific events happening in the game because I know exactly which song will be triggered.


I listen to it a lot when I'm out hiking as well.  This summer I remember being on the homeward stretch of a solo hike in Italy, the DS soundtrack playing in my headphones as I made my way down the mountain, and being completely at peace.


So many good songs.



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Won't embed for some reason, but here's the description (from the official Low Roar channel):



From all of your beautiful messages and comments it’s clear that Ryan’s music touched so many people around the world. His family invites everybody who feels his loss to join them in a memorial tribute on Friday 11/11/22. They ask for you to listen to Ryan’s music and light a candle at 7PM so he can look down and see how much he was loved all over the world.


"I'll make you feel,

I'll make you fly

On top of the world

Smothered in light"


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