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World Cup Qatar 2022 - Desert Strike


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18 minutes ago, Plissken said:

The FA (or rather, governing bodies) have a habit of pushing the blame onto those least able to defend it.  Why should it be the players fault?  Either the FA takes a stand or they don't.  They choose not to on this, and they choose not to support their players either.

I mean looking at it rationally you are right of course, but at the same time I am so fed-up of nobody standing up and taking some responsibility. Not just in football, but generally in life. The FA would never drop Kane because the team is bad enough with him in it, let alone without, and yes, they could've taken a stand - but at the same time, Kane had an opportunity to really show his worth as a captain and a man - and showing-up both FIFA and the English FA for what they are, and yet he's happy to fall in line.


It's even worse that they are taking the knee, because how can they say they care about the message but only when they aren't going to get told off by daddy for it? Like I say, I think they are cowards.


And yes, I know I'm being overly harsh, but I'm just angry today.

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