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World Cup Qatar 2022 - Desert Strike


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6 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

Lissandro Martinez is so good. That was an amazing tackle.


However, on this occasion I'm still branding him an enemy of football for preventing what would have been one of the all-time great World Cup goals. What a run.

The striker Martinez is FUUUKIN SHITE

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I don't know why Argentina don't make more of those passes Messi slips wide into a player in acres of space inside the box, i expect them to take a quick touch and drill the ball low into the box (close but not too close to the keeper, like the Kane pass to Foden) but they seem to hesitant, allow the defender to close, shoot badly, or lamely pass the ball back across the box in a way where it's not dangerous. Messi draws players near and always does that pass but it never looks like the receiving player is expecting it or they practise it in training. If they get 5 of these in a game, which is about at least the number they seem to get, you'd think they'd work on who is running in there, like just work on the movements.


Again just then..another slipped pass by Messi, another awful shot way over the bar which has happened loads this tournament.


It's Holland next isn't it for Argentina, i expect Holland to win, pull off some slick transitions on the break as a team as Argentina's nervousness and poor finishing in front of goal leaves them stuck. I guess everyone expects Holland to beat them?


Another slipped pass...not a bad finish but there's got to be a pass to the far post available there if they can get another player in..

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7 minutes ago, Naysonymous said:

You leave Emi Martinez alone. He’s a beautiful human being and I love him.  


Great save at the end in fairness. He's still a dickhead. 


Argentina deserved it on balance there. Second half was quite entertaining. 

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Neither USA nor Australia were really able to lay a glove on their opponents at any point in their matches, even when they both pulled a goal back, Australia in particular didn't really go for it and I don't know why. I know there was a difference in quality, but they were going home anyway so why not throw caution to the wind? Oh well.


Both games were a bit sterile as a result of that gulf in class and I don't really see tomorrow being any different; Poland are dreadfully bad and whilst I know the media need to generate some hype so they have a story to write about, I don't really see Senegal posing much of a threat and England should have enough to get their business done without too much trouble.

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Poland do play a block so low they could build a basement car park in it, so could frustrate the French. But if France score first can’t see Poland doing much beyond hoping they don’t lose by two or three.


Senegal might have had more luck against England with Mane running at a pretty pedestrian central defence. Maybe the only shock in the last-16 will be no extra time or pelanties. And Morocco knocking out Spain.

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