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Albert Pyun wants to hear from his fans as he nears the end of his life.

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This popped up in one of my feeds, thought it might be of interest.





Albert Pyun, the filmmaker behind The Sword and the Sorcerer and the Nemesis franchise, is in poor health, and according to his wife, the Hawaiian-born filmmaker would love to hear from fans of his work as he nears the end of his life. Pyun, who also directed the 1990 Captain America movie starring Matt Salinger, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago, was admitted to hospice care on November 8. According to a Facebook post by his wife Cynthia Curnan, he has been enjoying messages from supporters, and they have helped alleviate guilt Pyun has been feeling because he was unable to complete two films before he had to stop working.

Now home from the hospice unit, Curnan wrote yesterday that he had a good day, and shared a photograph of the filmmaker looking comfortable. Given that, it may be as good a time as anyone gets to send another wave of support his way.


The Facebook post in question





Albert took another downturn. I could tell he feared going down again. He was working too feverishly. I asked What’s the rush? He said “if I stop, that’s it.”

He was transported to a hospice unit just now.

I’m visiting him tonight at about 5:30.

Please write a message to him for me to read when I get there.

A personal message from you to him will make him really happy.

They think he does not have much time left .

Update: Albert wept happy and sad tears when listening to your messages for him. He feels terrible to have let you down. by failing to finish his last 2 movies.He wanted them to be a 6 part TV series.

He worked and tried like a maniac; it was all that truly mattered to him . To Albert, failure has never been an option.

If you enjoyed his B movies maybe drop his partner a line or two.


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On 21/11/2022 at 13:17, Down by Law said:

Cyborg is a guilty pleasure, I love the look of that film and a young JCVD kicks major ass in it. 

the background of the film is probably more interesting than the film itself. it was supposed to be Spiderman. I'm guessing that's why there's a shot of JCVD swinging around like Spiderman. To be honest I probably prefer it to the mega franchise Marvel  'products' we have today. 





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