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Joipaw - New Console For Dogs


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Well you can't make this up, there is a new console launching for our dog friends called Joipaw (I guess Xbone was already taken)


It's $50 down to get on the reservation list, which is always advisable for new machines as scalpers are bound to be out in force.


The inbuilt treat dispenser looks good and hopefully they have that IP locked down, it's the sort of thing Sega would look to license should they ever re-enter the hardware market.


It's quite a looker and seems to have taken inspiration from the Switch as can be un-docked for walkies. 


Eurogamer have further coverage here.


Hopefully there will be some games or ports coming over. Modern Pawfare, Good Boy & His Blob etc etc I know this is a pun thread in the making. 






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10 minutes ago, Lying Cat said:

This is going to be perfect for the Street Fighter 6 dynamic control scheme. 


Call me a sadist, but I would absolutely love to see videos of people streaming their dog winning online matches against salty angry assholes.

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