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Super Mario Bros Movie Nintendo Direct 29/11/22


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Trailer looked great. I love how many different versions of the Mario games appear to be part of the movie.


That New York Nintendo store "Mario Boots" replica seemed to be totally random though! 🤣

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I’m more drawn to this each time I see it. They seem to have struck a nice balance between family fun and ‘sound effects you might remember from the game’ for dads. 

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Had a big argument with my son about the shot I am convinced was Bob-omb Battlefield. Which ended up with us putting Mario 64 on to prove my point. Which led to us putting Ocarina on the NSO stuff. Which led to him wanting to use my 3DS to play through OOT. 


But it does look great. Even his cynical 17 year old brain thought the MK scenes were great and he liked what they did with the music

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Had an email from Vue earlier saying they are taking bookings for tickets.


Me, 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son are booked for the first showing (in 2D) on the Wednesday it comes out. For free thanks to al the Virgin Red Flying Club miles I have that I'll never use on an actual flight. Can't wait!!


Going to take them for pizza for lunch afterwards. I love school holidays!!

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Me and the kids are off to see this.


£62 fucking quid. £62. I hope I get a solid gold model of toad with that. What the actual fuck. 


Looks good though. What's 3D in films like these days? Our cinema has only one showing in 3D so I suspect it's crap?

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13 hours ago, Popo said:


This is an April fools prank, right?


A bloody good one, too. 

Nah man, Nintendo are actually gonna patch Jack Black swearing and talking about getting high into all their Mario games!

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