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If you mean stuff like Lustmord, Robert Rich, Laibach, This Morn Omina, Nurse With Wound, Tomas Koner, Kammarheit, Shinjuku Thief, Muslimgauze then yes. Although i'm not too keen on the noise side. Prefer the more ambient stuff.

Rapoon aren't too bad, not very fond of Merzbow though.

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Gantz Graf is so not noise.

Gantz graf is reaching my limit of the tune-noise spectrum. I love it, but anything more random (yes random is an awful word for something that has been so carefully composed) would probably be not to my taste. I will give some of these other things a go when I get back to england.

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Stalker is an excellent album, but i think my favourite Lustmord albums are Purifying Fire (checkout Black Star) and The Place Where the Black Stars Hang. Amazingly atmospheric stuff. There's also a good EP with Hecate & Lustmord called Law of the Battle of Conquest, and that's more industrial/techno style.

Also if you like the real minimal ambient atmospheric stuff then try the Teimo/Permafrost double album by Tomas Köner.

On the more upbeat, but still desolate ambient side there's also Biosphere whose Substrata album (the double CD version) is probably one of the best ambient CDs of recent times.

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