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Dwarf Fortress - Steam Edition 2022 - Dec 6th release date


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Another quick tip whilst I remember - build your craft workshop(s) near the surface, and have a large stockpile for crafts nearby. When caravans turn up you want to shift the tat from the stockpile to the caravan ASAP.

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A year and a half into my first proper fortress has just come to a calamitous end. My growing population was happy. My industry was gearing up. The lands around the fortress were serene with grazing animals. Food and drink were plentiful and dwarves young and old were enjoying life. But then on the horizon...


A necromancer with an army of undead elves heading straight for the fort. Everyone was safe inside and just as I was about to lock the fort down, I remembered the animals. Against my better judgement, I ordered the dwarves go pull the animals inside. They did their best but they just weren't fast enough. A single dwarven straggler just about reached the fortress door on his way back to safety when he was caught and disembowelled. I tried to lock the doors but it was too late....the undead got inside. And then chaos. Dwarves running for their lives. Blood and viscera everywhere. Some managed to get outside but didn't get very far. Others went missing, presumed dead. The last survivors descended into the earth looking for an exit but were torn apart in the fortress hallways.


Time to start another fortress.

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Had a fun interaction with the justice system! One of my artifacts (a lovely ring crafted by a possessed dwarf) went missing, stolen by some thief! I got to work looking for the perp and happened to find one of my herbalists outside wandering around...suspiciously. I looked in his inventory and sure enough there was my precious artifact! I decided to watch him a bit more since he didn't seem to be making a getaway and noticed he was repeatedly talking to a very shifty looking elf bard who, on closer inspection, also appeared to be a necromancer! The plot thickens!


So anyway, I drag the herbalist in for questioning and before I could even threaten him with a pickaxe to his toes he starts spilling the beans and says the elf guy put him up to it, he was threatened, blah blah blah. So I got my Captain of the Guard to give him a swift beating before I pulled Mr necromancer elf in for interrogation and this mother fucker it turns out was not only plotting to steal most of my artefacts but also had been posing as 4 different wandering bards and also was trying to plot a coup in my fortress?! To make matters worse he also admitted to being the mastermind behind most of the robberies that plagued my previous fortress in that world too! Obviously I wanted to lock the treasonous wanker up but my Captain of the Guard thought a swift beating would suffice so doled out the justice.


Just a really great game.

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