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The Rllmuk Games of the Year 2022 - That's a Wrap


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11 hours ago, Darwock said:

Elder’s Ring should have had a bigger turnout at the polls, I’m shocked.


People voting for it forgot to add (game), as per the wiki.



Yes, I know it's not on the actual Wikipedia article, it's just banter


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Studio session version of Clickbait was uploaded recently - I always love seeing the singers with the squidvocoder applied - can't wait to see Anarchy Rainbow!



Splatune 3 was also recently confirmed - 4 discs! (Splatune 2 was 2)

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Satisfactory is so much more than making numbers go up.... It's the systems, systems making stuff and conveyor belts laid out in sweeping neat stacks, with so many materials, going from smelters to constructors, to assemblers, to manufacturers. And of course that all needs powering, with coal, then oil, then finally nuclear. And trains and trucks and massive factories all encapsulated into a fun dystopian corporate chore of more! And programmable splitters! 


Delivered by what seems like a genuinely fun and involved team of developers.



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Never heard of it.


Thanks to everyone involved in this, and thanks for inviting me back for commentary. :D I enjoyed reading everyone’s write-ups and it brought a few nice games to my attention.

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