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A Space For The Unbound - Adventure game set in 90s Indonesia


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This came out the other day and I've been playing it my last few lunch breaks at work and I'm really enjoying it so far. There's a warning at the start about themes of abuse, depression and suicide though. It's a story about two school friends.


I'm not going to post the launch trailer since it spoiled a few things for me and even an announce trailer from two months ago seems a bit much but I'll go with it.



A great pixel art style, simple puzzles (So far) and some interesting characters. Not to spoil anything but where I am now things have started to get a little odd with something happening that I definitely didn't expect but was very welcome.


There's a demo available on Steam. Not sure if it's elsewhere. The game runs perfectly on Deck.



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1 hour ago, Flub said:

The game runs perfectly on Deck.

Thanks! I've been curious about the game for a while, but was disappointed to see it had no Steam Deck compatibility info whatsoever.


I think I'll give this a look in that case. :D

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