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Tomb Raider TV show


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53 minutes ago, Capwn said:

Has anyone mentioned to Amazon that Tombraider has a shit story?

The show will presumably have an original story though. I think the character and the "brand" are hugely recognisable in spite of the stories, and it's that which Amazon will want to to draw upon rather than come up with their own "Adventure Lady".

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I think there could be potential in this if it manages to untangle from the video games a bit. It would need to make sure it knows what it is and try not to take itself too seriously obviously. 

I didn’t mind the Vikander movie from a few years back. I do have a hefty crush on her though but I thought she suited the role. 

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Feel like just relying on brand/character alone hasn’t faired well so far. Not that I think Lara is an interesting character. It’s a doomed project really, should mention it to Amazon before they spend millions on it.

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