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Two (and a bit) years in, what do you think of the next gen consoles?


Do You Own A Next Gen Console?  

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I would legit pay £500 for a faster-loading PS4 with better frame rates and a fancier controller even without any generationally transformative games. Games are generally still pretty great! Why wouldn’t I want them to be better?

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Got a Series X at launch. Nice storage speed increases and lovely with GamePass. However went back to the PC a fair bit. Sold it for what I paid.


Tried a PS5 for a while mainly FOMO and wanted to experience the new controller and loved Astros Playroom. Played a few PS4 games with souped up frame rates. Enjoyed spending a bit of time on GT7 then got bored of it and wasn't that fussed about any of the exclusives coming up so it went. Again got the same as what I paid.


Late last.year picked up a Series S to try as a more convenient GamePass machine than my PC and it being technically a bit better. Decided it was perfect for what I needed small and quiet. Allows me access to many of the games I'd picked up on 360 and Xbox One whilst having the best features of the new consoles mainly loading speeds for me and quick resume. More than happy with it. No intentions of getting any more consoles TBH and may upgrade the PC at some point.

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I have a PS5 & XSX connected to a fancy TV for "lean back" gaming, typically 3rd person affairs with a pad. Besides the quick startup, which I guess you can emulate by dicking around on a PC, can you set a PC to start up/turn off with a pad alone?


PC with a very average graphics card for FPS and other "lean in" genres that are normally M&K controlled. Windows is a pile of dogshit however so doesn't get used for anything outside gaming.


And a Steamdeck, great for indies, 2D platformers etc.



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I’ve got a Switch and a Series S and I’m happy with both. I’d like a PS5 eventually but I can wait until they bring out a smaller and cheaper version. Between Game Pass and Nintendo exclusives I’ve already got more than enough to play.

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PS5 owner here and couldn't be happier with it (well ok, I'd like it to be *a bit* smaller). I think the games on ps4 are already incredible, so increases to frame rates, resolutions, graphics and vastly decreased load times was pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in this iteration. Games such as Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding REALLY benefit from having the extra oomph of the PS5 behind them. I also have psvr2 coming in a couple of weeks and I'm at fever pitch levels of excitement for it. 


It's such a small thing, but I just love that I can switch the machine on and be straight back into the game I was playing within seconds - it's outstanding. 

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I have a PS5. It's always good to have a console with enough grunt to run the latest big games well, and it certainly does that. The lack of loading times is a game changer too. But whether there are enough games that justify the upgrade is less clear. A few more Returnals wouldn't go amiss.


Currently, any Xbox needs are covered by my PC, even though it's less powerful than an X, so I'm in no hurry to get a Series console.

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Got a series s which to be honest I mainly use for flight sim. The issue I have is I already have a ps4 pro and a huge backlog of amazing games. I only really play gt7 on that…


I have gamepass but can’t install that much as the drive is full of flight sim, a few indies and some 360 and xbone games. 


I installed dolphin to the series but then keep thinking I could plug in my hacked wii and get GameCube games with the actual controller. 

I am decidedly meh but I reckon that is more to do with games in general to be hones. 

Oh, I also have a switch! 

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I have a Series S.


I bought it 10 mobths after launch, which I think is the earliest in its life I've bought a console (I did get a PS1 on launch day, but I was given that by Sony). I'd saved up my Rewards Points and ended up paying about £70 in actual money for it.


I also bought three years Game Pass for about £100, iirc.


I think it's the best gaming purchase I've ever made. It's certainly the most joy / fun / entertainment / whatever you want to call it I've had out of a console as an adult. Possibly ever. 


Loads of great games. The fast loading times and Quick Resume make it fit in with my life. The controller just feels right. And it's probably the nicest console to look at. Lovely bit of design.


Zero regrets purchase. It's just brilliant.

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PS5. I'm happy with it, it's a decent console though the controller sticks wear out way too fast and the shape is annoying when trying to clean it and the area around it. My issue is more the industry as a whole, there just aren't enough new games, specifically AAA games providing new and exciting experiences, no innovation and they keep making things cross gen. The 2 big Sony exclusives last year, Horizon and GoW are just larger scale versions of the original games, there's nothing innovative about them whatsoever. Once again From Software are pretty much the only reason I still get excited about games anymore and my hobby is reduced to an addiction to Hunt Showdown. Will there be a mid gen hardware boost? No, what's the point when they aren't making new games specifically for the hardware?

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As with most previous generations, I've bought all currently available consoles. 


Even though one of my favourite games in years is only available on PS5 (Returnal), the PS5 is my least used console so far. It's not that I don't like it, I really do, but as the majority of my gaming friends are on PC/Xbox, 90% of all multiplayer games I buy will automatically be for the Xbox. 
As I prefer Game Pass Ultimate over either of the PS Plus iterations, the Xbox as a whole gets most of my attention. 

This might change as we see more exclusives released for the PS5, but for the time being I'm rather satisfied with the new consoles as they pretty much are just like last gen, but a lot faster and quieter. 

I don't need better graphics than what we've gotten since the release of PS4. I don't mind better visuals, but I'm far more impressed with higher frame rates and shorter loading times. 

One of the other things that makes Xbox my preferred platform these days is the Series S and its ease of mobility. Whenever I've got a business trip lasting more than two days, I take my Series S with me. There's no way that will ever happen with the PS5 but  if they end up releasing a PS5 Slim that's more like the Series S, that will change instantly. I'd much rather buy a PS5 Slim over a Pro. 


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Ps5 and Series X (and a steam deck)


PS5 is used for a few exclusives but hardly gets touched. 95% of my gaming time is on series X. 


Gamepass, quick resume and a far better pad make it my go to and we have a good year ahead. Also enjoy doing the rewards programme which has introduced me to some games I wouldn't have tried. 


Probably won't play my PS5 until Spiderman 2 comes out and I'm ok with that. I used Microsoft rewards to pay for it so don't feel like I wasted money.


My steam deck hardly gets touched. If I have the time I would rather play games on a big screen with a better controller. 


Overall this generation Quick Resume is the thing that's impressed me most. Oh and Flight Simulator. 


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PS4 and Switch last gen. Xbox Series X and Switch this gen. 

Overall, I am happy with the X, but not blown away. I will say that the variety of games I have sampled has been much more diverse than I would have played otherwise. I also see the value in trying 7/10 games on Gamepass - especially without that pressure to complete them. You can enjoy the key hook without feeling like you need to slog to the end. 

I would like to get a PS5 in the future but I am in no rush at all. Maybe once Naughty Dog put out a new game. 

I think this generation has really showed me that Nintendo games and playing in handheld mode are the biggest draw for me. Even with a lot of indie games being “free” on Gamepass, I prefer to buy them on Switch to play handheld. Given the amount of time I used my PS4 and Xbox SX next gen I am thinking of going Nintendo only tbh. 

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