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Help identifying old 80's electronic board game.


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Right guys, a bit of a challenge.  I've posted this on the net in numerous places but have never got a positive result.  


I am trying to identify a game from around the mid 80s.  It was an athletics game with a board and a track where you took part in different events and you ran your finder around the track to determine your time


I vaguely remember a scoreboard and I think it emitted sounds and I keep thinking it was a Grandstand game but could be misremembering!


To be honest, at this point I think my whole childhood was one big dream!!


Any help appreciated.

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OMG Yes! Thanks @feltmonkey !  Although, having now seen it again, with my adult eyes, I can't help feeling underwhelmed!! I had imagined much more detail in the stadium and it was much darker, but there is no mistaking it is what I played as a kid.


Imagination eh!!


Might try and hunt one down now :)

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