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Alex W.

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.::: So... How long before Nintendo will really seize this oppurtunity...

...and delay the DS?

That would probably affect there GC connectivity plans for it though...

Anyway, the more I play my GBA, the more excited I get about the PSP.

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Clive, you need to re-embrace the handheld. i have done so recently and there are many treasures to enjoy. first of all, you don't have to worry about hogging the telly or spending time in other rooms so it's missus friendly. but the main reason to get back into it is that there's just many gems available. Metroid Fusion, Mario & Luigi, Wario Ware. rediscover what it is you love about gaming cos no one makes like Nintendo, not even Nintendo as far GC is concerned. the SP is a lovely little device. very pleasing aesthetically and you can see the screen (a bonus i'm sure you'll agree).

go on, get back into it lad!

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