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Confession: I really really like the Jumping Flash games. No idea why though - I guess the jumping makes me happy. Or it could be the funny name of the bad guy: Baron Aloha. Or the Muu-Muu sound. Anyway; I would love to see a old Jumping Flash on PSP or a new one on PS2.

Robbit: Mon Dieu!

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you should check out 'pocket muu muu' on jap import psone

it was based on the jumping flash engine, with the platform elements, but supported the pocketstation, that never made it outside japan

it had 100 minigames that were downloadable to the pocketstation, which you could play during the day, then upload to the game at night to unlock more. i can remember it being the first game ive ever played that worked in 'realtime' i.e. it detected the time off the pocketstation and the game environment changed depending on the time of day, i was amazed at the time (99)

what was the main character calle? robbit?

EDIT 'just noticed the sub heading robbit! so yeah it was robbit!'

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It was also the first proper 3D platform game out dating mario by yonks.

I have no idea if thats's positive or negative :ph34r:

I never saw Jumping Flash as a platformer, how strange that may sound. What I find really good is the urge to find the highest point in every sinmgle level. The leveldesign really pushes me to explore every single level verticaly. Plus it's great fun trying to cross that huge gap... and make it after a freefall of about 7 seconds ;)

Yep, Jumping Flash is a classic. It's by Sugar & Rocktets btw.

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Ahh Jumping Flash... Such a nice little game, I have the double set at hoem JF1 and JF2... Might have to give it a pop once more to see if I have rose tinted memories or if J is right...although in my minds eye I beg to differ with Mr pickfords comments. Sugar Rockets to there quickly turning into one of my favourite developers!



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I remember renting that game (along with Ridge Racer) just after the PS came out. I only had the system for a few days and so was determined to get my money's worth. I loved JF, but I played it so much that all I could see when I closed my eyes to sleep was that bloody game!

Happy days...

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