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What do you like to kill?


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Something really huge that I can run and jump and dive across whilst attacking weakspots in a totally free-form and realistically extrapolated manner. Like being Raiden and fighting the MG-Rays, but with a proper DMC-style control system.

Oh, never mind, DMC did that. Which reminds me that the foes I like to fight most are huge ones that you can see chunks being blown/hacked out of as you kick arse.

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I like killing robots and mechs. Normally killing those kind of enemies is really satisfying.

I point you to Metal Arms as a good recent example.

I point you to any mech combat game with beam sabers. Nothing like dodging a hail of gunfire, getting behind an enemy and slicing them to pieces with hot fiery death.

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.::: After reading that I SO desperately want to touch TransFormers again...

If I had a video capture card, I'd upload some classic "beam saber porn" moments. My favourite one is on Federation vs Zeon for the PS2 (Bloody great arcadey mech game, it's only £25 on Amazon) - using the Gelgoog, sidestepping beam fire from EFSF suits, and whipping out a fucking huge double bladed beam saber and tearing the enemy apart. Love it.

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I like killing friendly NPC's.

Doesn't matter what they are, as long as they have combat ability (even if they don't fight back, it feels better to know that they could)

I never kill friendly PC's though (except by accident). I'm not all scumminess :blink:

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I admit to enjoying civilian killing. It's especially amusing to kill mid-sentence. "Thanks! You saved my..." *BAM*

I spent more time in Max Payne 2 firing different weapons at tramps than I did actually playing the game. Carefully laying a grenade next to the man asleep infront of his TV was particularly fun.

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