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Most upsetting thing you've seen on TV


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Ghost Watch for sure. I couldn't look at curtains for weeks afterwards in case I saw the shape of 'something' standing behind them.

There was one episode of Star Trek Voyager in which the doctor created his own perfect holographic family, but his little girl died in the end. It was rather embarrassing as I was watching it as my family had their tea and I was blubbering like a baby at the end.

One of the most horrifying pieces of TV I've ever seen was an episode of 'No Going Back' in which this family bought an Island in South America (IIRC). The wife was a complete bimbo who wanted everything in pink and slept around with the hired help while her husband tried to set up a holiday resort on their island.

The guy the wife was sleeping with had to be fired for being useless, then one night he and a group of his friends kidnapped the entire family and tried to kill them. The family got away, but the ordeal was having severe effects on the father's health and well-being. The children and the father wanted to leave the island, but the wife made them stay.

To cut a long story short, the father developed an infection and died, the children wanted to go back home, but the wife was determined to stay on the island. Apparently she's still out there with her poor kids.

After watching the programme I was literally shaking with anger at the stupid woman who was so stubborn that she put her own selfish wishes over the lives of her family. ;)

Truly shocking TV.

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