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Best Videogames advertising

Graham S

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My favourite HAS to be the David Lynch directed PS2 adverts including the "3rd Place one", "Wolfman" and possibly the best and definitely the funniest, one with a Japanese guy with an afro called Jimmy Dynamite (anyone else seen this?). Pick it up using your P2P program.

I thought they were amoungst the worst gaming adverts I've ever seen.

The only gaming TV advert I've thought was done well was the GTA3 one, it at least gave a good idea about the game and set the scene well. Most gamning adverts are concept crap, which going on most peoples reactions in this thread seems to be popular. :blink:

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My tastes are suited to the Command & Conquer ones. A bit controversial and risky - I like. As for the 'and conquered worlds' one, the people all really annoyed me. I don't know why. Especially that kid - something triggered the 'must kill' switch in my head when he said his bit. I think it was probably at the back of my mind that they all seemed like phonies.

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That barbarian ad ... gawd, that takes me back.

Best ad evah? OOT. "Will thoust get the girl?

Or play like one?"

I know the guy who wrote that.

Well I hope you gave him a punch. One of the most potentially girl-friendly games, and Nintendo thought that was a good ad...?

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'I am the Wolfman' was just an edited version of a short animated feature. The whole thing on BBC3 last week, great stuff.

Yes - it was on Channel 4 a few months ago at about 4am as a filler. Absoluteyl mental. Loved it.

Thoroughly pointless to use to advertise the PS2, but great nonetheless!


I just like Sony's ads in general. Fun, anyone? is a great catchphrase.

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I think you have to split this up. In my opinion, the most successful gaming ad campaign ever, was the PlayStation - Do Not Underestimate the Power of PlayStation, where various people talked about the experience gaming gives them. It ended with someone saying "And I know, I have lived.. " I believe.

Sony had some excellent branding in this period, and while we may not like it, they brought gaming to the masses, and more than made it acceptable - they made it 'cool'.

However, my favourite gaming ad ever was the Microsoft Xbox one that was pulled, with the bloke flying out of the vagina to his death. Similar tactics by the big M here, but sadly it got one too many complaints.

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I broadly agree with Boyatsea.

Yes an MPEG of the 'conquered worlds'/'have lived' advert would be great. It's an absolute classic.

The Romero ad. and the C&C adverts were also great in their own ways.

I think the XBox cradle to grave advert was also excellent and it's a shame it got banned.

There's also an almost too good to be true irony in this (absolutely real) advert:



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