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ok, I have this action replay max. Works perfectly fine on a PAL ps2 with PAL games. It works perfectly on a PAL PS2 with import games (yes, my PS2 is modded. Nobody keeps me away from Xenosaga. Buying a fourth PS2 - USA one - is just silly :lol: ). But only import cd games are being detected by the ARMAX. Import dvd games do one thing... and that is freezing the PS2. I asked Datel but have not heard anything.

So, any of you know?

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My modded PAL PS2 play games perfectly, no problems at all. Domestic, import, beta, debug, cd, dvd. Only ARMAX refuses to read import dvd games.

Games tried with ARMAX


a few tested (both cd and dvd), works perfectly


I have no usa games :lol:


Soul Calibur 2 (dvd) - ARMAX and PS2 freezes

Tekken Tag (cd) - ARMAX and PS2 works

Rez (cd) - ARMAX and PS2 works

Gungrave (dvd) - ARMAX and PS2 freezes

Conclusion: my ARMAX will not read import dvd games. Question: why the fuck not. Anybody else with this weird problem?

Man, is there finally (!) a cool ARMAX code (FFX-2 debug), does the damn thing not work.

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