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Lost - The Full Series Thread


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Anyone else having issues converting the latest episode to vob's? All the others were fine.

Every time I do it it creates 2 vobs, the second with a bizarre number like VTS_13_07.VOB. I think it's because every one of the avi's i've downloaded have had header issues when opening in VirtualDub.

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Delighted to see the guy who played Adebisi in "Oz" back on the telly.

2 former prisoners of Oz, all we neeed now is Luke Perry to show up with his willy out. Or maybe not.

An OK episode. I'll bet my Lost knowledge points that this episode was originally going to be Michaels flashback ep, but they changed it to Jin's and the first to Michaels. I wanted to see what Jin's smooth first words to Sun were too.

At first I thought the tail-enders would be wary because of an Ethan alike character- someone who infiltrated the group, and started killing them one by one (they don't have guns to kill him). But those feet and leegs makes me think they're 'sick'. Maybe not sick tail enders, but a 3rd (4th, 5th 6th? I've forgottenm how many different groups are on the island) group.

Locke's back doing what he does best.

Finally, I'll do my Super Duper Lost Quiz next week, to help those who are going to miss it.

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Yeah I definitely think those "others" we saw this ep are from a different group than the ones who took Walt or the "Ethan others".

I reckon that they are tail enders that have caught the disease/gone a bit loopy and not part of the other "others" ( ;) ) because there was a kid with a teddy bear. The toy bear must have came off the plane as it would'nt have been in such good condition otherwise imo.

An guys take those spoilers to the speculation thread or at least remember to put them in spoiler tags.

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Can someone do me a big favour

Can someone do me some screen grabs of the following scene, and PM me?

When Michael and Sawyer got washed up on the beach, and met Jin running, the 'other party' were seen walking up the beach in a really sinister shot.

I've deleted my episode now and can't do it.

The scene also featured in episode 02.04 during the recap.


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Eko (seemed cool) said "they won't be found if they don't want to be" and "they leave no trails" What the hell did that last one mean? We saw them clearly walking on the ground. Does he mean no trails because they don't wear shoes? You'd still leave footprints of some kind.

If you're careful about how you walk, assumedly its possible to leave no trail (like stepping on branches, leaves, walking in each other's steps etc) They all seemed to be walking by very carefully and with much stealth, and barefoot. Unlike the survivors with their clumpy shoes etc.

She isn't the character, she's Michelle Rodriguez. Why is everyone else terrified but she just appears pissed off and sarcastic.

I like her so far.

Needs a bit of development though.

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As for these others, not being he boat others, I dont think so.

They only look different as they are adapting to different situations.

They dont leave trails as they remove their shoes, walk single file and carefully, while applying mud etc. as camoflage.

When going out in a boat, then obviously there would be no need for that sort of get up.

I thought it was a really good episode. Sure not much happened in way of monsters or freaky numbers, but it was as usual brilliantly watchable. Thats whats great about Lost, its not just the shocks and the freaky shit that makes it good, its all good, down to the characterisation, script, and acting.

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Can someone do me a big favour

Can someone do me some screen grabs of the following scene, and PM me?

When Michael and Sawyer got washed up on the beach, and met Jin running, the 'other party' were seen walking up the beach in a really sinister shot.

I've deleted my episode now and can't do it.

The scene also featured in episode 02.04 during the recap.


Search the thread, that cap was posted way back IIRC

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EDIT - Ack, confirmed as a fake by a writer on the show. Still, worth 2 mins of your time if you can grab the fiel.


Check this out. Some are saying it's fake, others are saying its viral marketing from Disney. Either way, it's pretty impressive. If it is fake, someone went to a lot of trouble.


You need to scroll down, click on FREE and then wait about 20 seconds until the countdown is replaced by the actual link.

It claims to be a Dharma Initiative Video, it shows the names of each project and what that project is studying, plus footage of Hanso and that guy with the beard, plus what could be another station on the island. Or not.

The link was posted by a guy claiming to be Samuel DeGroots, (who I think is the guy with the beard?) and was his first post on the The Fuselage, which is the official Lost forum

Here's his full post


I wish I had enough time to introduce myself further, but I feel endangered even as I type this message. It was in late November, 1982, when I was removed from the Dharma group after a secondary incident which involved both my brother Gerald and his wife Karen.

Since that time I've had 23 years of forced normalcy, until that fateful evening in 2004 when hearing news reports of the disappearance of a flight from Sydney, Austalia enRoute to Los Angeles. Under other circumstances I wouldn't have thought otherwise, but it was an Oceanic flight, and those numbers. Those damned numbers.

I knew it would be a matter of time before another incident would take place, and soon my past would eventually catch up with me. During my time at Dharma I had been given a series of 8mm training films, all but gone except for one which I had returned. It's this film I've transferred to digital format. Perhaps this can serve beneficial to those who may need it. I don't plan on being here very long anyway.


It could just be fake as there's lot of stuff popping up all over (there's even a website for the lottery that Hurley wins) but some went to a lot of trouble.

The only give away is that Zoological is spelt incorrectly (as it probably is in this sentence!)

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Here are all the stations and their initiatives as per that video

Station 1

Psychologiocal research

- Behavioural Modification

- Dissociative Disorder study

- Psychodynamic research

- systematic desensitization

Station 2

ParaPsychologiocal study

- Anomalous phenomena

- Bilocation + remote viewing

- Telekenetics and GESP

- Clairvoyance/clairaudience

Station 3 (The swan)

Physics and electromagnets

- Boson sting research

- matrix mechanic theory

- Paleogeography

- Quantum electrodynamics

Station 4

Zoologoical Sciences

- Cryptozoological sciences

- Genus aberrational studies

- Phylogenetics

- Species allocation and conservation

Station 5

Astronomy and meteorology

- electron Degeneracy research

- gravitational radiation

- Peculiar stellar velocities

- Radiative transport study

Station 6

Human advancement

- Heterogenity refinement

- cyrogenic and cellular stasis

- Ectopic integration studies

- monocioral research

Dharma, a commitment to encouraging excellence in science and technology and furthering the cause of human development.

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Every episode has it's own self-contained story along with the flashbacks and island shenanigans. Last week it was Kate's briefcase, this week it was Hurley and Jin.

The filler or dragging out you describe is actually character development, something which most TV shows these days bypass. There aren't any scenes that don't serve a purpose be it character or plot related.

I guess it depends how easily pleased you are. Hurley and Jin catching fish or Kate finding a plane are hardly stories that carry an hour-long show, and I'm sure I've seen character development done in ways that doesn't drag the plot to a standstill.

It's difficult to say which scenes were plot or character related without knowing the full extent of the plot or the characters, but I'd be very surprised if it's all of them.

And regards it originally being half the length it is: It is was always conceived to be picked up for a season, if it had ended at 13 they would have been ending it prematurely and I think that as we are now at the point where it would've ended we can safely say the story has legs to continue for 3-4 years.

I'm not entirely sure I agree with that, but I'll reserve judgement until I see this 'amazing' ending to series 1.

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Careful guys,

There are some MASSIVE spoilers out there, including a bunch of screencaps from Episode 7...which I wont discuss here but OMFG!

Also, found something interesting:

not a spoiler

Screen cap from inside Dharma station


Screencap from painting by Claire's babies father


Similar or what!!!

Was his name Kelvin???

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It's not been mentioned yet, so I thought I'd just throw it out there for those who like to link things up and might have missed it: I noticed that the third woman in the tail ender group was the air hostess who served Jack his drinks in the pilot episode.

EDIT: Oh, and to those who 'slipped out' the ridiculously major spoiler, thanks a fucking bunch.

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