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Starship Troopers

The Shadow

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Oh, shush.

Humans and Dolphins are both mammals but I wouldn't say they were very similar.

God, we argue over some inane shite, don't we. :rolleyes:

We do indeed! :rolleyes:

But come on! Humans going to war with aliens.. that whole gung-ho opening to the Silent Cartographer... Starship Troopers was the first thing that came to mind when I first played that. On some level, there are some very clear similarities.

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Hmmm... I'll give you the opening to Silent Cartographer, but that seemed to me to have more in common with any gung-ho war film. I think it's fair to say that Halo borrowed literally from many sources to create its glorious whole. (stop sniggering.)

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There is a Starship Troopers game for PC, I have it right here. But it seems it never got released, don't know why. It is a Command & Conquer game. Not great, but pretty exciting to play.

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It was the alien-world-a-bit-like-earth and squad of cheeky soldiers that rang a Starship Troopers bell when I played Halo.

An online team based Starship Troopers game could be really brill - I'm not sure it would work in single player. At least not without very very good squad AI, which I don't think we're at yet, observing Halo's. (Maybe that's just me being rubbish at defending my team-mates though or else them being pathetic compared to Covenant).

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And no one even remotly remembers Body harvest which is as close to the film as your going to get right now, it was almost identical in bugs, such as flying ones, and huge ones that shot out stuff from their arse etc.

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