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Dawn of the Dead


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Its showing tonight at the warner islington and I am SO going to see it. My girlfriend is very nervous cos if they've fucked it up she knows she's getting a black eye

You show the passion of a true zombie movie fan. Excellent :rolleyes:

Yeah I'm in Chicago at the min, so I'm gonna go check it out tonight too. I'll keep you posted....

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I saw it three hours ago


Everyone go and see it now

Its not as good as Dawn78 or Night but is a hell of a lot better then 28 days

Edit: Oh yeah, and there is an extended trailer for Shaun of the dead at the start :rolleyes:

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Hey there.

Dawn of the Dead is one of my fave ever movies. But I really enjoyed the remake. It's a lot more "hollywood" than the original. But it's great fun. I get the feeling they cut it to the bone character wise. They didnt give anyone much time to develop. But the zombie action is great. It has a perfect blend of cg and "real" gore. The fast runnign zombies worked great. Fantastic opening.

My only problem with it is the end... I didnt like how they did it with video.

But other than that I liked it. I'll watch it again.

Despin out.

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Still getting 'The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.'

Yeah. It does an instant download if I click on the link. Weird.

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Just watched it with the missus and we really enjoyed it. As mentioned already, the first 10 minutes are awesome. My only *slight* problem though is with the 'fast' zombies and the way they scream a la 28 days later (a film I loathed). This takes away the fright factor for me as nothing, NOTHING, beats a slow moving, gratuitously decomposing, groaning zombie. Still, an immensly enjoyable remake. Oh, and make sure you stay for the credits...

BTW - The trailer for Shaun of the Dead was extremely disappointing. :P

However, Van Helsing looked amazing! Matrix with Vampires and werewolves! A CGI-fest by all accounts.

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Yeah I saw it today and it's great. Not a classic film like the original was (for the time) but certainly worthy of the DOTD moniker.

It looks like the film could be a big hit, which bodes well for a sequel. I'd love to see one... and I'm really not interested in George A Romero directing it - I think he's had his day.

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ugh.. I saw a trailer for "i robot" when i went to see DOTD..


considering the "knowing, post modernist" horror shite featuring cute teenagers and cheap jumps we've had recently posing as horror flicks, this IS a welcome breath of fresh air.. maybe the money made from this will kickstart a resurgence in REAL horror flicks??

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Hmmm. sorry to spoil the party but I really wasnt impressed.

There is a rant to come but for the time being i'll make it short but sweet. The pre credit sequence was superb. And by the time the words Dawn of the Dead came on screen I was totally buzzing. Unfortunately it falls apart almost immediately after the creds. As we meet a bunch of woefully underdeveloped characters, including the least convincing pregnant woman ever, the horribly talentless ving Rhames and that guy who has nothing to do (Mekhi Phifer).

The mall was underused (we dont see them take advantage of any of the shops and we dont even get a feel for the layout of the place), there were too many characters to truly develop any of them (I got the feeling the scribe wrote in a new character for every new idea he had), there was no social subtex and worst of all it wasnt scary. When will Hollywood wake up and realise that a bunch of people walking through dark sewers with torches just IS NOT scary.

The biggest problem for me though was the fact that there wasnt any zombies in it. I mean WHAT THE FUCK. Where were all the decaying bodies of a world gone mad? All i saw where lots of virus stricken people running round growling. SPOILER ALERT: The woman that gets shot and does not come back completely ruined the whole movie for me. How can you have the 'when theres no more room in hell... tagline when the movie is about a virus?

I hated the Mad Max meets the A team vans, I hated pretty much all the characters (except Andy, which was an inspired plot development) and i hated the way the ending was handled. END SPOILER.

All that redeemed it for me was a general air of unpredictability and a nice bit of splatter. Had it been called anything else I would have taken it as an entertaining monster movie, but as a reimagining of Dawn it failed on every level for me. The original is a social satire as we all know. But on top of that its a claustraphobic little movie about a small group of survivors dealing with their impending demise in the most human way they know. The original concerned itself and made drama from the tiniest little details (like how to lock the doors to the mall) and every bite and scratch from a zombie carried with it a heavy burden of tipping the balance of the two couples. Increasing the amount of characters and decreasing the importance and threat of the surroundings basically drained all the tension from the movie.

That bit with the chainsaw was ace though.

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