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Stupid 1337 Halo Online Clan Member


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Was just playing on xbconnect, the guy asks for Hang em High, I say ok and pick it.

The game starts, I see him use a grenade to get the Sniper Rifle down. I was running along a bridge so I pick up the Rocket Launcher, get the Cloak and kill him.

He restarts, does same thing to get Sniper, big blue flashes everywhere getting my attention, he jumps down from a ledge and lands right infront of me. I kill him again.

This is what's said back on xbconnect:

03:02 kryptonian          last game though, i'm knackered                                          

03:02 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] lol                                                                   

03:02 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] me too                                                                

03:04 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] man                                                                   

03:04 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] u r a n00b                                                            

03:04 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] stop using camo and rocket                                            

03:04 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] thats foking n00b                                                     

03:04 kryptonian          why                                                                      

03:05 kryptonian          don't be so childish                                                     

03:05 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] just do normal pro weapons                                            

03:05 neo10139            neo10139 has left the game                                               

03:05 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] again                                                                 

03:05 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] this time play like a halo player                                     

03:05 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] not like some1 who is afraid to be beateb                             

03:05 kryptonian          you just sound silly                                                     

03:05 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] ok?                                                                   

03:05 kryptonian          i'm not afraid to be beat, it looks like you just quit cos you were losing

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] no                                                                    

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] i quit                                                                

03:06 kryptonian          i only got the rocket cos you had the sniper                             

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] cuz i use n00bish camo all the time wit rocket                        

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] thays n00b                                                            

03:06 kryptonian          i ditched rocket launcher right there after that 2nd kill                                

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] rite                                                                  

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] :angry:                                                                    

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] again                                                                 

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] pistils only                                                          

03:06 kryptonian          i did                                                                    

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] pistols only                                                          

03:06 kryptonian          why pistols only?                                                        

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] dont care                                                             

03:06 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] just dont use camo                                                    

03:06 kryptonian          where's the fun in dying after being shot 3 timnes                       

03:07 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] just open game                                                        

03:07 kryptonian          ie, with the pistol                                                      

03:07 kryptonian          camo is part of the game                                                 

03:07 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] whatever n00b                                                         

03:07 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] not in 1v1                                                            

03:07 kryptonian          ooooh, you're so grown up                                                

03:07 [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] [-TDM-]-I-LeGaL-[-MM-] has left the game

I was gonna say "If you were bothered about the weapons why didn't you say so when the game first started" but he left by then.

I've been playing Halo for years, and been playing it online for nearly just as long. What a loser.

Took a photo of the score screen too :)

Gonna post it in his clans forum I think.

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I hate people who resort to calling the other players noobs just because they didnt think of using that tactic first. He was obviously very immature and upset that he was beaten by you Krypt (after all, I'd be upset if I got beaten by you  :angry: )

I don't understand why some people are like that. Fucking tossers.

What was the score when he quit then ?

Here here. I busted him up good. Nicked his Sniper Rifle too.

2-0 to me.

Should've meleed him in the back. You just don't jump into the middle of the arena like that, it's asking for trouble with the brief pause. And you can see cloaked guys running around fairly easily, the movement at least.

Can't find his clan site :)

Oh, and obviously it's different for him to hide in a corner and snipe. I never camp at all, I always play on the offense, esp with sniper - see.

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What the hell is that music on there? I kinda like it, but I have no idea why.

Steve Vai - Ya-Yo Gak

'Ya-Yo Gak'. In this piece Vai's child sings the vocals, which consist of 'ya-yo gak', some unitelligable words, and some grunts and snarls. A novel idea, and this is a novelty song. His son sings a section and then Vai mimics it with his guitar.

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Rule 1 for dealing with huffy 1337 idiots like that, say nothing...

...apart from "pwned!!!111 O_o" every time they say anything :lol:

#Fight fire with fire... dudududdududududuuduuudu#

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If it's in the game then it's all fair play. Maybe bungie will allow more control over the multi player game rules in halo 2 to stop this sort of comment. He does sound like an idiot. As for jumping into the middle of the arena, there would be no pause if he timed the crouch right. Still dumb though.

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I hate people like this.

Its the same with PC Counter-Strike, perhaps alot worse. If its in the game why should I not use the weapon? (like the shield for example). Because the person doesn't like losing that's why.

I find it difficult to keep my cool with people like this when I've played for many years and have to deal with childish attitudes :lol:

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That reminds me actually... Steve Vai is meant to be providing the music for Halo 2

Found a news item about it on his web site a few months ago but it doesnt seem to be there anymore

EDIT : Found it. under the news item for Feb 5th 2004

" The rumors are true! Steve has contributed guitar work to the Halo 2 soundtrack, composed by Marty O'Donnell and produced by Nile Rogers. Steve calls the melodies "as haunting and ominous as the game's characters." Halo 2 will ship in Fall 2004. For more info, visit Bungie Software's HALO site."

Vai's great, but I can't find that news item though. Just got his Anthology at MVC for 10.99. Double CD featuring tracks from all his albums. Back to the topic.

Edit: Just saw the the other topic actually dealing with Vai / Halo.

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