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Counterstrike Help Needed


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Playing counterstrike on live for the last week for the first time has been a really mixed experience. As with all live games it dependant on who you're playing with but with this game in particular, I find myself as mere cannon fodder for pros.

Anyone got any hints as to how this game should be played over live in particular? The single player doesn't really immitate the live scenario at all.

I guess it doesn't help that I don't know a lot of the levels...

I think i'm a bit too used to xbconnect Halo which really is played in a different way. My flatmates just got RS3 as well which I fear may be another frustrateathon...

What's the best way to cope with people that camp? The number of times I die and just see the git who killed me just sitting waiting for the next sucker to come through the door is ridiculous!

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I'm up for some this avo. Add me to your list if you want; I'm not great either but I still have fun.

Also, try the single game on Professional. The games don't play like they do online but you get lots of headshot practise.

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I've only played CS on PC, not Xbox, but have played it for a few years.

I'm guessing its basically the same right?

If so, these may help:

- Learn all the maps by heart by playing them over and over. You should be able to tell where the opposition is at which time on the round timer by learning rushing paths, chokepoints and camping positions. Make sure you get to a good place before the enemy sees you.

- Watch the radar to see where your team mates are when they die, then use your knowledge of the maps to work out where you need to be to plug gaps in the line and stop your team from being surrounded.

- Get your team to rush when T and camp when CT on bomb maps. If your team don't rush then usually you are dead.

- If the weapons are the same use Colt/M4, FAMAS or AWP when you are CT, AK and AWP when you are T, and MP5 is good for both teams.

- Learn to use pistols! If your mag runs out switch to pistol and take them down, its ALOT better than reloading in the open.

Of course, if its completely different to the PC version this all may not be of any use.

Good luck!

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