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Okay, I'm calling upon the awesome power of the forum's advice-giving capabilities to recommend me some music. Here's the (possibly fun) catch; it can be anything at all! Past or present, any style or type or origin of anything you want. Just give me the name of the artist and the song title, I'll "search" for it, listen, and then if it's something I like, I'll tell you to find me more of a similar kind, and if it isn't I'll ask for less things like it. Um... and the game is whoever finds the most songs to meet my requirements gets a prize.* One point for every song I keep, most points wins!

Aaaaaaaaand..... GO!!

*The prize will be a humourous smilie.

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FSOL > TSOL, but thats a different story.

Anyways, go for some Kraftwerk - Autobahn.

Dat ist gud, jah? It's twenty minutes though, so, prehaps BB only.

But, if you dont download, you cant have FUN FUN FUN ON THE AUTOBAHN.


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My search resulted only in "Iambic 5 Poetry". Is this the same?

It was, howver, quite nice. Pleasant and calming, but perhaps a little too unmemorable to be a keeper (if it's even the right track). Erm... no points then - yet. :)

Change of mind.... you can have a point. (was that the same track though?)

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