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One last one then I'll quit while I'm (sort of) ahead...

The Humpers - "Mutate With Me"

Edit: Just realised I've recommended three songs off the same dodgy punk compilation I bought when I was 16...

punk-o-rama for teh win! ;)

Anti nowhere league- So what

Metallica- Wherever I may roam

Antidote- Senseless violence

Lower class brats- Glam bastard

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okay Spritey here's another one for you but a completely different style. Falling From Cloud by Lift To Experience from the album The Texas Jersusalem Crossing (yes i know i'm crazy about them). and if you don't like it i'll cry you a river, or something  :P

Well, I don't dislike it, but erm, it's not a keeper either, sorry.

It's gotta get ma foot tappin'!

Joseph Arthur - Speed of Light from the album Come to where I'm from

A misleading title, considering it's such a slow song. Quite nice, but, again, not pointworthy. :P

John Cale & Lou Reed - Forever Changed from the album Songs for Drella

That's quite an odd mix of mellow piano and guitar shreddin'. I quite like it - enough to earn a point anyway!

Tom Waits - Russian Dance (Instrumental) from the album The Black Rider

Umm.... strange. Nope!

Vic Chesnutt - ...Stupid Preoccupation form the album West of Rome

Hmm... nah.

Baby Please Don't Go - Chicago

^^ Tune  :P

Umm... I couldn't find it. :(

If Your Mother Only Knew -  Razel (short)

:D Umm... nope.

My Father, My King - Mogwai (long)

Aghhh... so... long.... yet.... uneventful.

I couldn't even be bothered to listen to all of it!

The Apartments - All the time in the world - on A life full of farewells album.

One of the most underrated, forgotten, criminaly overlooked band ever.

And as such, I couldn't find the bloody thing! Sorry.

Oh and some classical:

Spiegel Im Spiegel by Arvo Part

An amazing and beautiful piece for piano and violin.

That it is, but I also found it to be a bit dull. Not what I'm after right now.

Quantic - Time is the Enemy

Meh. ;)

Look Good In Leather - Cody Chesnutt

This is hilarious funky, lo-fi rock that makes you feel like a million bucks whenever you listen to it. Totally uplifting stuff.

Hmm... I couldn't find it. I thought I downloaded it, but it obviously slipped through the net.

Perhaps I'll come back to that one...

Afternoon Delight - Starlight Vocal Band.



Go on then, have a point.

Blockhead - Insomniacs Olympics

[Roy Walker]Ahh, it's good but it's not what we're looking for.[/Roy Walker]


L.O.V.E. and You & I - Jazzanova


Erm... no.

Summer in Paris - Cam


Erm... no.

Starchaser - 4 Hero

Couldn't find it! (is probably for the best though... ;) )

Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song: In the Forest (Specifically ItF, since there are two Bard's songs..)

That's quite nice.

Have a point.

Offspring - Hand Grenades

30 seconds, including 2 choruses and a verse. :lol:


Fabulous! Give the man a prize!

It's fun, it's happy, it's lively, it's shockingly short!


Uno pointo!

Okay, I'll look over the rest soon...

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so it's foot tappers you want? dude, you should have just said - my foot taps so much i'm like an epileptic after an electric shock. try Fashion by David Bowie. now i know you've probably already heard it, hell everyone has. but listen again, really listen. it's as amazing today as it ever was and if it doesn't get at least your little toe tapping then you're probably an amputee.

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Mu - Let's Get Sick

Couldn't find it...

Explode - The Cardigans

Meh. S'alright, but nah.

E-bow The Letter - REM

Hmm... I prefer REM's catchier stuff.

Obstacle 1 - Interpol

Couldn't find that, either.

The Killing Moon - Echo And The Bunnymen


Catalyst - Oceansize

:rolleyes: I like it!!!

A point to you!

Minerva - Deftones

Not bad at all. Slow, but powerful. Another point to you!

The Dark Of The Matinee - Franz Ferdinand

Wahey! You're gettin' good at this. I like.

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The Rasmus - In The Shadows

Bloody good!

One point!!

Rammstein - Ich Will (MUST. BE. PLAYED. LOUD!)

Fantastich!!! Ein pointen. :rolleyes:

Foo Fighters - Times Like These

A nice song, that one. Another point.

Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows

Quite like that too.

Lots of points for you then, eh?! :wacko:

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How about:

Clawfinger - Wonderful World

Misery Loves Company - Need Another One

White Zombie - More Human than Human

Body Count - KKK Bitch

These couldn't be more removed from the stuff I suggested earlier! French/German beats to Scandavian thrash done with computers (and Ice-Ts metal band for good measure)

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For pure energy:

'This is How it Goes' by Billy Talent

Me likey! :wacko:

For smooth poppy goodness (though you've prolly gone heard this one):

'Cherry Coloured Funk' by the Cocteau Twins

Me no likey. :huh:

Because Lamb deserve a second chance (and this one's got a hook..):

'B Line' by, erm, Lamb

'Hook'? I didn't find one. :rolleyes:

Ah well.

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(iloverage @ Mar 12 2004, 12:37 AM)

Rammstein make me laugh. I saw them on the telly - they're just a bunch of german twats prancing around in strange costumes.

At least Kraftwerk had it where it counts - musical talent.

It's all about the energy, man.

Exactly. I can't understand a word of Ich Will, but it's a fantastic pulse pushing track.

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I like that Franz Ferdinand song as well, in fact the whole album has been growing on me this week. Try the the track Darts of Pleasure as well, it's got a great little outtro that make me giggle for some reason.

My nomination for you to download is "Slow Life" by Super Furry Animals.

(I assume you haven't heard it - I haven't noticed too many examples of you saying "I know that one already"...?)

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I like that Franz Ferdinand song as well, in fact the whole album has been growing on me this week. Try the the track Darts of Pleasure as well, it's got a great little outtro that make me giggle for some reason.

Ich heiBe super fantastiche!!!

Ich heiBe super fantastiche!!!!!!!

Great stuff.

Edit - I here you've tried Darkness of the Matinee already, DOH!

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