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What Game Did You Enjoy The Most?


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Shenmue. Or Guardian Heroes.

Shenmue II captivated me for longer, but Shenmue had a bigger impact, being the first, while Guardian Heroes is simply the funnest scrolling beat-em-up I ever damn played :)

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Still addictive as hell on emulators, it's one of the best games ever. Obviously it's not that special anymore, but back in the day I was hugely impressed, wanted a Commodore 64 just to play it and got addicted to it like it was crack.

One day I hope to meet it's creator John van Ryzin and buy him a beer :) He's my Miyamoto.

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ISS 98. A better next-gen football game has yet to be developed. Keepers that do not make stupid mistakes, referees who know how to referee and the best implementation of a through ball yet seen. PES3 and ISS2 as well as the recent FIFAs do not even begin to compare. I played the game so much that eventually the cartridge stopped working. Football perfection.

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Another one for Deus Ex, it had flaws I'll admit, but it drew me in spectacularly at the time, through a story that despite being cliched at times felt like i was a part of, and a convincing world in which it wa set. I'm half-scared of picking up the sequel in as I'm pretty confident it wont live up to expectations.

The only other game that had me this involved as I played it was Majora's Mask, I was genuinely sad when it ended.

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This is practically the same as a "what's your favourite game" thread. Because, y'know, the game that people enjoyed above all others often tends to be their fave...

Metal Gear Solid for me... for enjoyment and "fave game".

No other game has made me giggle with delight at fighting a boss (the Ninja, in this case) and realising that, though I felt like I was nearly at the end of the game (purely because I'd enjoyed it so much that I didn't want it to end and thus, was scared and subconciously convinced that it was going to do so any second, err, if u get me), I'd probably only scratched the surface.

Shenmue II is a close second for me. Sitting down (in class at college) jabbering to every1 about what Shenmue was, simply to justify why I was so over-excited, was a precursor to the only game thats ever made me pull a sicky.

Hitting Wan Chai and seeing, for the first time, a true believable in-game city was breathtaking, and not a little scary... knowing that I was going to have to find Zhu Yuanda in this maze seemed a daunting task - heck, finding the HOTEL seemed daunting at that point - but it was also a feeling that MGS had mimiced long ago... knowing there was much to be done, that I was making a commitment to the game in beginning to uncover its secrets, and realising the depth and enjoyment that it offered in me doing so.

Sonic Adventure is another fave, purely because it was the first game on my brand new DC, and because I never expected a 3D Sonic game to ever appear. But that was a very different feeling to MGS and 'Mue II.

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My first thought was to say "Halo" - it is after all my fave game ever.

They key word here is "enjoy". So that means limited frustrating moments, a sensible level of challenge and an absorbing game world.

I was playing Conkers Bad Fur Day a few months ago. A few people were watching and we were all literally rolling about with laughter. Yet, it does have a fair few frustrating moments ( it is a Rare game after all ). But, it is certainly one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played.

Resident Evil is just brilliant, but the poor quality cut-scenes let it down a bit.

OOT is also fantastic, but I must go back to Halo - just an amazing game and one I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy Tactics

Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy VI


Streetfighter 2 + converter! (only after agreeing to work like a slave for my parents for a month)

Mario Kart

ISS 98


Half-Life (PC)

International Cricket Captain series (PC)

Super Mario World (I AM a super player :unsure: )

UN Squadron (I'm still peeved this didn't have 2-player in the SNES version)

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Duck Hunt.

I would love a new & updated version of that. Must still have the comical dog though.

Others include:

Mario World (the only game I had on my SNES for 6 months!)

PGA European Tour (Megadrive)

Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast magic)

Virtua Cop 2 (DC version on the Sega Smash Pack Vol.1)

Oops - forgot UFO Enemy Unknown.

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Easily Halo.

No matter how many great gaming memories I have, none come even close to Halo. Have recently started playing through it again, for the first time in a year or so, and it still manages to amaze me. This game has so many standout moments, so many brilliant little touches that I can easily forgive it's few flaws.

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Super Mario World. It's the only game I've been compelled to complete 3 times. Seeing my 3 saves each with 96 stars felt like such an achievement.


Same here. Also, my Yoshi's Island has two 100% files. One day I'll get the third...

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