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What Game Did You Enjoy The Most?


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Couldn't single it down to one game but in chronological order the games I really obsessed over:

Skirmish (dodgy BBC micro Joust clone ;) )

Civilization 1

Doom 1+2

Quake 1

Civilization 2

Chronotrigger (on emu)

Quake 3


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Although I have enjoyed many games, probably my fondest memories of gaming are playing Wizball on the C64 (the ONLY version worth playing) with me and my mate alternating controlling Wizball and the Cat. Played that for days at a time, completed it many times also. Wonderful game.

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Silent Bomber

Criminally neglected, but absolutely without equal on the PSone for all out blasting action. Marred by an incredibly stupid bug, which crashed the game upon completion of level 12 (and yeah, about six or seven tries and it finally loaded up) but this bug aside, the game was fast paced and extremely clever for what it was. The built in strategy of using bombs as opposed to bullets was sublime when everything worked.

A masterpiece, which many of you could probably find for under a fiver nowadays.

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Easy one for me: Midwinter. I loved that game. I can hear the swishing of the skis even as I type this. The thing was an absolute marvel technically, and the world it's set in was on a scale unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Being able to just move around, do what you want, come and go as you please, all on skis. The world just sucked me in. Brilliant character interaction and different results depending on the characters you used. Graphics that just blew me away. Hugely underrated and sadly overlooked game.

First time I ever stayed up all night playing a video game this is what I was playing. Nothing has ever come close to the excitement that game brought. Plenty of quality titles since, but nothing that felt as completely different and groundbreaking. Just thinking about it is making me go all misty eyed: Davy Hart, Professor Kristiansen, Stark, Virginia Caygill....


Here's some (edited, cos the last lot fucked up) screenshots to jog the memory:



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Impossible Mission on the C64 was indeed wonderful.

I'm going to give a vote to Serious Sam on the xbox. It's just such wonderful fun. It's the Burnout of FPS's. When I play it, it makes me smile. The level design is excellent. More creatures on screen that you'd think was possible. Fast and furious gameplay that makes you jump. Beautiful graphics with lovely sound too. Humour. And the perfect balance of saves, power up, weapons and ammo. Nothing in that game is wrong. Not for one moment are you lost, bored or frustrated. If you want a modern day Doom with fun fun fun, then go buy it!

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