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Hardcore Gaming Tees


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apologies if this needs moving..

would anyone be interested in buying teeshirts with design based around some more obscure / hardcore games (IE shooters?)

I've designed and ran off tees in the past and I can easily compete with the style and quality of gameskins.com and mars16.com.

so how many people would be into some high quality "techy" graphic design tees based on ikaruga and games of similar ilk?

anyone have the means to sell more? (indie stores?)

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Depends on the price and what's actually going to be on them.. and if they fit a petite girl like me without being like a tent :rolleyes:

price usually depends on quantity made (and quality!) .. If i got enough people interested or found a shop or site interested in selling them, i reckon they would be around a tenner..

as long as the design is the right size and will fit on a guys tee, as well as girly "ringer" tees i can't see why not...

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Woo! This intrigues me, i'll start on a design, even if it doesn't get used it'll be experience for me.

i'll try and get an example of what i'd like to achieve if i survive my bike ride home..

note : one colour images work out cheaper IE : yellow print on a grey tee or summink

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I'm well aware of copyright issues..

gameskins get away with it by using associated imagery, but not any logos or names (shouryuken is an uncopyrighted word, and ryu's silhouette is vague enough for them to get away with it).

If i was to run any off, i'd probably be selling under 50 anyways.. that kind of thing is not really enough to reach say, treasure's offices and get them to hunt me down, to issue a cease order, which ius all they could do, as I probably would have sold them already..

we're talking limited run, fan produced tees here, not the beginnings of a multinational megacorporation!!

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ok here's a metal slug draft.. i was thinking of maybe some fine print janglish beneath like :

"hardcore 2D shooting spirit fight on forever!" or somesuch..


it was late when I did this.. not very keen on it... i need sleep, but it's there to be viewed..

overcomplex layout, too many elements, though i like the ship in the ring...

JSR next then i guess

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let me finalise a few more ideas first, then i'll post up a few more..

shipping anywhere wouldnt be a problem.. it's just down to paying for postage..

I'm living in the USA nowadays, so i'd have to work out how to get a shipment over to the UK... but it's all prior to making sure the price is sensible.. anything with more than 2 colours starts getting silly.....

as for designs.. it's all down to money again.. lemme get maybe 1 design done first that people like and the i can do a test run...

once the screens are done, it can be printed on anything... hoodies, girly tees, longsleeves, jackets, whatever...

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