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Yep the gaming show extravaganza Consolevania dropped on to my door mat this morning. It comes supplied in a kick ass gold innered envelope(nice work).

Got to watch the first bit and enjoyed it immensly, will watch rest when I get back from uni.

Go Legend. :D

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Fuckin' Hell! Got mine this morning but almost didn't... Place where I work we get sent loads of discs from artists and shit. Anyways.. overheard someone saying "what's this shite?!" while watching a video clip - next thing he's off asking the secretary what the fuck it is and ends up slinging it in the bin. Luckily I'd just read this thread and my spider sense started tingling so I legged it over and said "Oi! That mine you cunts" and swiftly rescued it...

Will watch it covertly.

Oh and the reason they didn't give it to me straight off, was cos it was addressed to David McIntosh - which isn't me.

Oh and cheers biglime, nice one - I'll post me thoughts when I've watched it.


Bwahahahahahahahaha! That GForce interview is class.

"Zelda.. the Ocony (sic) Time, I wiz at the lowest of ma low and that game helped me through"

I demand he becomes your resident expert.

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