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I'm getting a download here! will seed it when it's finished

EDIT : Although apparently that will be in 38 hours, still once a few more people have the full file it speeds up yeah?

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Damien Murray from GForce is pure comedy fucking gold..

Consolevania "What's your favourite game?"

Damien "...on the top of my head?"

Watched most of it. Pretty good, apart from *yawn* XBox Morrowind feature, but then I thought that game was fucking rank.

More Damien "There's good games and there's great games. I think PS2 can boast that it has got a selection of great games there. You'll have to find them though"

Please interview him again.

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Sorry to interject with all this torrenting banter. Just finished watching the first episoide and thought I'd put some opinions and thoughts about it.

First up, very impressed by the gold envelope thingermejigger thats going on, and big kudos to biglime et al for trying this out... and for the most part it's a very enjoyable show. It's a very respectable 55 minutes which I wasn't expecting at all, and the presentation is exactly what I was expecting... and exactly what's needed, keep it simple. Plus it's good to watch something thats not afraid to approach things as if you've already got knowledge on the subject, the in-jokes with 'Legend' for example, very funny and very gratifying that we're expected to know what he's on about (and they don't).

A couple of criticisms though. I found the Morrowind review to be hard to hear, the games' volume and the speech made it difficult to make out what R was saying. Also the Siren review was tough to see but I'm kind of thinking that it's hard to convey a dark and dreary game like that and filming straight at a TV. I wasn't overwhelmed by the Consolevania Wrestling, Hitler, or the Games shop interview but I'd put that more down to personal preference.

I found the game reviews to be very good. Castlevania was obvious that they had a passion for the past iterations and their criticisms seemed collected and valid. Oh, and the Burukai? or whatever it was called review was fantastic, this seems to have slipped under my radar but I'll be keeping an eye out for it in the future...

The forum quotes were cool (though I can see some ego's getting a major boost... (jealousy? yeah!)) and the final 'Legend' piece was fantastic. So in all a VERY worthwhile exercise... it's nice to be able to watch a show about games again. So bring on episode 2. I'll gladly pay for it.

NOTE: Sorry guys but I'm on a 56k :D

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Pretty amusing from what I've watched so far, looking forward to watch the rest. Gotta stop now though cos I'm going back to work.

My only comments so far...

1. Your voice is an arse to understand sometimes! :D

2. It's a bit long, isn't it?!

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So what is the best way to get this? It sounds ace. Is the torrent/download working fully? Where have people been getting the disc in the gold envelope from? How much? Sorry for my ignorance, I somehow missed out when the details were given it would seem.

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Is there any contact info in the broadcast?

I can forsee this whole viral spreading via bitorrent potentially leading to this proggy dropping into the lap of someone in a position to make a go of an official show but with no contact info it would be no go. Just a thought.

I know bl is in the industry but there's surely no such thing as too much exposure, is there?

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There's no contact info at all in the show... a bit of an oversight perhaps?

There is a consolevania website though (the address is in biglime's sig)

I know about the website. My point was that this thing could in theory spread exponentially and nary a hint of a contact detail within the programme. :)

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I'm currently getting a good speed FTP upload from Dukesy (thanks) and at the rate it's going will have the whole thing this evening. I'll be putting it on a Webserver for HTTP download. I will also seed a bittorrent when I can sort it out.

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