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If someone who has the CD and a good upload speed wants to upload it, i'll give them 600 meg space right now.

Anyone want to do this, i have about 15 / 20 gig bandwith for this, so a good lot of us will be able to get full downloads.


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I have the CD and can upload if necessary. Let me know what you want me to do.

Here is what I would do if I were in your situation. Head over to Dix.com and download the adware version of DivX Pro, becuase by the looks of it you can encode with that, then encode the vid to DivX and PM Droo and tell him you want to put the file up in his webspace...


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I'd just cut down on the length of time you spend reviewing games.

I thought it was a very good balance between public stuff and reviewing games. If the reviews were any shorter you'd be entering Cybernet territory, and then Gamesville-esque "Err.. graffix, yeah, they're good... physics..? Uh, it's fun, you have like guns, and can shoot stuff. Five Gees."

Leave them as they are.

Good to see how much everyone is enjoying the show, instead of just talking about upload speeds and stuff :)

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I have now uploaded 700Mb through the torrent link so some of you should be close to having it. I'm also uploading to tyagi who has said he will give a http download.

So has anyone succesfully DL'ed it from the torrent?

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Fucking class. The Scots seem to have an innate ability to present gaming shows.

"what's your highest score on Radiant Silvergun?"


"fuckin hell I'm good at this"

being just two of the moments that made me chuckle quite heartily.

Well, well, well, well, well done. Keep it up.

And "wank hat" is such a beautiful phrase. I think I shall steal it.

That is all.

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Sorry the forum was down all evening. I am seeding the torrent however. Droo: PM me with the details, but I'm off to bed now. If you send me the details soon I'll check again, otherwise it will have to wait till morning. Sorry Rob Quill: I'm definitely not fannying around with any encoders.

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