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Absolutely brilliant, lads.

Genuinely funny (I couldn't stop laughing at the bit at the end of the Siren review - you know which bit I'm talking about) and I thought Legend was cringe-worthy, but I'm guessing that's the point.

The reviews were good - it's clear a genuine passion for games seeps through, although the person who did the Morrowind review had a pretty dull voice.

The G-Force thing was brilliant, especially with the Bujingai tie-in at the end.

If I had to criticise, I'd say the wrestling was a bit too long, and that the Hitler thing needed breaking down into smaller chunks like the Legend bit - it was funny at first (mostly due to the fact that I never knew Hitler had a Scottish accent :lol:) but it dragged towards the end.

I don't really think it sailed too close to the wind at any point, unless you wanted to make it a bigger thing, but then that's down to the networks and not down to some bored forumites picking holes.

Very, very good work lads. I can't wait for Episode 2...

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Go on, Mr. Children... Do it for... the children.


(I couldn't stop laughing at the bit at the end of the Siren review - you know which bit I'm talking about)

"He was a gayer!"


On reading the rest of this thread I'm gonna go watch it again, and show it to some of my less enthusiastic gaming friends. Class class class. I can't say it enough.

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There were some bits that I didn't really like - Hitler, Wrestling, for some reason the Morrowind review. But without doubt, this is the best programme about games I have ever seen. I know that's not saying much in a way but also in another way it's saying a lot. I'm saying that this is exactly the sort of programme I want to see about games, 95% perfect. Of course all the other programmes have been <30% perfect.

From a personal standpoint, I could do with it being a little more mainstream - people who obviously know what they're talking about reviewing, say, Fifa 2005 would be great.

Mr. GForce had potential, but I got pissed off with the looping and long questions before he said anything. I nearly skipped that bit. More games shops interviews though, it's a good idea.

Kids suck at games? Where did that go?

I loved most of the comedy stuff and yes the subtitles on the interview were fucking genius.

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Jumble Jumble I think you'll find that you are about 4th or 5th to say Vids with games. I was 1st, before it even came out B)

Sorry, J, I was just joking. Seeing as everyone seemed to be getting worked up about who said it first. Clearly it was me: I said it before I was even born.

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Watched it once, and have to say it really shows a lot of promise!

Got off to a good start with the Shenmue drinking game (might need to set a few days aside to play that, though...), and I enjoyed the Castlevania review.

The G-Force interview was ok, but a bit uncomfortable in places. Using the soundbites later worked nicely, would like to see something along those lines again.

Morrowind review was far too monotone (not sure if this was deliberate, as the subtitles seemed to suggest something was up) for my liking, and an abridged version may have been preferable, as the content was fairly interesting.

Siren review was very well done, maybe a bit more on the mechanics of the game could have improved it a little. The speaker did seem to go off on a tangent at one point, which was quite amusing, the portrayal of the game as more of an artistic entity was a bold stance to take. Nice way to lighten the tone afterwards, as well!

The Hitler interview was ok, but felt very improvised. As a method of ranting about the games industry it has its values, but it was just a bit too random for my liking.

Overall, a pretty decent first attempt with lots to like about it, and I'll be looking forward to the next one!

I'll give it 4G's!

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Just watched this, and was very impressed. I especially liked the reviews - they were extremely well done and it's just really cool to have someone talking intelligently about a game while they play it. It lets you do stuff like (for instance) say "This bit's really good when you jump up here - *does it* see?"

I thought the comedy bits were good as well, but as some people said the hitler bit went on for too long. Also the wrestling bit, while funny, wouldn't be funny twice, so I kind of hope it was a one-off. But overall, great. I have to say the overall tone is fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to the next one. I hope that it becomes a big internet phenomenom, but considering it must be pretty incomprehnsible for anyone outside of the UK, it probably won't be.

Oh, and I was very impressed that it was made by Scotch people, but then I'm even impressed they could work the camera.

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Wow, just wow.

After watching the brilliant Castlevania review i knew this would be something special. From the moment Leon walks around the camera in the middle of the room i was laughing.

Still though the bits i didn't enjoy were obviously bits that didn't interest me like Morrowind review or wrestling (well the intro was funny, perhaps real wrestling played out by people who pass a resemblence to video game characters (that's when you get a fat load of cash to make it for TV of course)

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just finished watching it, it finished downloading last night but i stopped watching it half way through the interview in the shop but, cos I got bored.

but, on the whole, the show is great, really really impressive for what I am assuming is a first attempt? I missed all the chat when it was being produced, I am assuming it was made by forumites? who are they? well, whoever you are, thanks very much for a great programme, definitely think you should try and expose yourselves to a wider audience and suprnova seems ideal, subtitle it "amateur videogame magazine show- EXCELLENT!!!!!" i'm sure a lot of people will download it.

looking forward to the next installment.

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First off, I want to say thanks for all the support, and the criticism too (which has been constructive and taken into consideration).

We're glad you enjoyed it, and look forward to giving you more, more and more, in that order.

Right now, we're just sitting down and gathering our thoughts for episode 2, with the main change of approach being "shorter, snappier, more".

We're keeping the length at 55 minutes, but we want all the segments to be shorter, with even the reviews to come down to about five minutes. We like the fact we can go into a bit more detail on the reviews than most. As for covering more mainstream games in our reviews- sure, why not? Make some suggestions.

Anyway, its great to read all the positive stuff, and the idea was always to fashion a show that gamers would like- a show that WE would like.

A couple of things:

Any ideas as to how we can create a stronger bond with rllmuk are welcome. Someone said more quotes? It was YOU, Soong, you greedy bastard!!

Any suggestions as to how we can make it easier to distribute, and make it easy to track where it originated from (rllmuk)?

Oh, and does anyone fancy coming on board to help us make a decent website? We might need one down the line, as we expand. We know FUCK all about computers. Like the guy back a bit said, its a surprise we Scots can even work cameras. The cunt. <_<

Well, anything else, suggestions or whatever, questions, or just random fan mail (sisters' photos and so on), feel free to post away. I'll answer everything I can.

Thanks again. Means a lot.


Oh, and MWJimmy and i loverage, could you send another email with your addresses and we'll make sure we sent a copy out? I think we have, but we don't want any original requesters to miss out on the free disc. Cheers.

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Same here. I really hope it turns up tommorow - Im dying to watch this.

Interestingly is the name Consolevania growing on anyone? Crap names always have a way of sounding good eventually.

'Consolevania' - a movement that exhibits 'vain', yet 'maniacal' traits when the subject matter 'consoles' or gaming in particular is addressed.

Still not 100% sure about the title but now it's all happening it is proving to be a grower.

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Oh, and does anyone fancy coming on board to help us make a decent website? We might need one down the line, as we expand. We know FUCK all about computers. Like the guy back a bit said, its a surprise we Scots can even work cameras. The cunt. <_<

Outrage. I said it's a surprise you Scotch can work a camera.

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