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The Thing On Ps2..


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Had this for the XBox, not sure if there are any differences.

I really enjoyed it. You work on "trust" within your squad. A member will disappear for a few minutes, return looking shifty as hell, and then ask you for a gun. What do you do?

It also managed to keep the tension of the film quite well, even though it picks up after the film (a few months after I think).

For a survival horror/fps shooter/team management game, it is certainly worth a tenner.

One of the "missed" classics by many.

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It was a bit too much like hard work for me.

The hardest survival horror I have played by a long shot. You die - a lot.

And spend a lot of the game with next-to-no life, muttering to youself about why it's so unfair they didn't leave any health packs around before the boss fights. Which are annoying.

Still, it's amasingly atmospheric, and, if anything, worth a look to point at certain bits and go "wow, what a great idea, wonder why no-one else has done that before".

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It was crap, I thought the trust thing was broken and the combat and boss encounters were poorly done as well. Though it definetly has a certain vibe from the film I'd save the money for the big easter games.

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I thought it had several design flaws, some confusing menu design, and some stupid item pick up choices...among other things.

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