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Apocalypse Now Soundtrack


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Me once again, still working on my project involving Apocalypse Now and the poem. Just wondering if there was any chance anyone had the soundtrack which has two disc as the second disc apparently has the Hollow men being read on it?

If anyone has would u be able to let me know how clear it is (Eg. has the background noise/voices been taken out) I've been trying to download it for a while now but am not having any luck and it's about £18 to buy i think which would seem a waste when i only want this one track. So if anyone has any suggests about how to get hold of it then please let me know :)


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I've got the two disc soundtrack.

The background noise has not been taken out and is a direct take from the film. The track goes on for 1:09 mins but he doesn't start talking until after 35 secs. You can make out what he is saying though.....well....for Marlon Brando anyway.

Much better is the 'Horror' dialogue, as the sound of the speech is very clear.

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