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Never mind that ... look at the size of the remote behind it!!1!!!1!

Ummm, that's a Logitech wireless keyboard...

Where does that pic come from anyway? Is it another one of those demos where they plug it all in, switch it on and it lights up, before their CEO takes to the stage and uses a Powerpoint presentation to say how ace it'll be before turning the light off again and leaving people wondering why the hell they bothered bringing a light-up empty box with them?

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I've just noticed something, its got an identical form factor to a normal atx pc tower turned on its side thats had a few lumps of wood bolted to it thens been put in a vacum former, who in their right mind would even consider buying something that looks like that. Its like the designers of the xbox, ngage and atari lynx all banded together to design it then someone at the factory acidently scaled up the dimensions by 1000% <_<

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Who's gonna get one of these? What games have been announced for it?

Plus, according to the Phantom website it's released on the 31st March. :rolleyes:

Here's a partial list of the games for the Phantom. Quite a list there, though a lot of unknown publishers and games. They do have Capcom though. And christ, if they want to raise their profile why have they allowed 3DO to develop the whole Army Men portfolio on their console?

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