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Some really decent games there...

But none that can't be bought for £5 off eBay and run on a two year old PC...

Unless you're interested in the age old classic, Family Lawyer 2003 Essentials.

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The redesigned casing looks quite nice.

I don't really see why so much antagonism is aimed at this machine*. It's obviously not aimed at the 'hardcore' gaming market. It's more for people who want to download games with the minimum of hassle and technical knowledge.

*well, OK, I do know - because it's an easy target for websites with the pre-adolescent mentality of Penny Arcade, and for lazy armchair pundits who get told what to think by PA.

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I didn't realise it had a keyboard. So now it IS just a PC. Tons of software support.

I'm not sure I understand what the point of it is now. Before I thought they were trying to make a console that (somehow) would run PC games. Adding a keyboard just makes it a non-product. I already have one.

Not quite.

There's still no CD drive.

Which means that you have to buy games via their servers and thusly they need to arrange distribution deals with publishers.

The point is that they want to make money out of nothing. That always was the point. At least VIA's apeXTREME lets you pop in pretty much any PC game CD and doesn't tie you to VIA after purchase.

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