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Gt4 Prologue Euro Release.


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I'm not buying it. £20 for what's basically a demo? Fuck that. I can wait. :P

I just won't give them shit about it cos I know a lot of people will buy it, and a lot of people will be happy with it.

My comparison with DLC was more in the way on how there is sometimes pressure to buy games/DLC through the Live friends list, yet no one complains about this. (Like when I went to Tesco at 1am to get GRIT and came back and everyone had left :D )

Here, Sony release something that's dependant on nothing but yourself, yet people seem to think it's like it's a compulsory purchase.

There are a lot of people out there that'll love this.

and the point?

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My point to you is, they don't have to suck your cock.

And to YaWdiB, it's not really that ludicrous. They're just giving you the option to get the prologue to GT4 months and months before the full release.

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All of the Demo is in the final game.

People will want the the 3 non-race tracks.

Full game = 100 tracks (not 5)*

Full game = 500 cars (not 50) "

Full game = 200 tests (not 80)*

Full game = 18 songs (not 2) "

Full game = A nicer box. Proberly.

For 20-25 pounds more. hard. cash.

* these are figures from other mags or made up.

Anyone who wants it for free should by a Toyota Prius and get the Prius edition free.

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So is any of the content in this "demo" in the final finished product?

I for one would not wan't to pay for the same things twice. Unless you get discount, as I said above.

soooo, Don't Buy It!

you know that the new one is coming out sooner or later, so wait.

What you shouldn't do is MOAN ABOUT SOMEtHING THAT YOU HAVE POWER OVER! All you do is leave it alone and it's not a problem any more. you can quell your confusing rage.

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With that being the case, you'd have to wonder why we then have 2 pages of people slagging off Sony for being evil enough to release a demo for £20.

Well...that's just us being idiots* I guess.

*I'm not accusing people here of being idiots.

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I would rather spend the money on a track day and some optimax....

"The real driving simulation"

Can you tell me where I can get a track day, a tank of Optimax and the rental of a Toyota Supra JGTC car for under £20?

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